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“ …… Build something Better… “Boeing…..

On 15th July 2016, “Boeing” has already reached its centennial years of 100 years of making it possible for flight… on innovation progressively decade by decade in becoming one of two major Aerospace companies in building commercial, civilian, and defensive Aircraft… Also as going beyond Space is back then is only the beginning as it prepares with NASA and its partners of governmentally and commercially of going back to the Moon that’s been stagnated since 1972   …  since it was a small family company that had a passion for flight now of various… in extending in breaking the boundaries ..

In this hopefully within this century of Boeing as this is there mission statement of what’s to come, hopefully we, have flying cars built both within aircraft and car manufacturers, with hyper sonic travel of traveling to cites within minutes, countries within least a few hours with.. Solar collectors in orbit transmitting back to earth to provide enormous abundance of clean energy … with the colonizing of Planet Mars..  As the lead up to the celebrations to 15th July 2016… you can share your travel experiences at the “Boeing 100 year’s” blog… Like how Taylor swift did it with the Red and 1989 tour on many various socials…

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