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As “Star Trek Axanar” explains the four year war between the newly formed Untied Federation of Planets, and the Klingon Empire whom is intent of gaining Dilithuim rich worlds, in Federation allied Member’s territories,  so they could fuel their life blood of their Klingon Cruisers.. in which was defeated at the end when the final battle ground was at Axanar when the Starfleet finally out witted in multiple counter attacks against the Klingons of using the Ares Classes in which one was commanded by Captain Gareth of Izar even though without the help of the Constitution class in which was in construction of the planet Axanar awaiting is Captain of the USS Enterprise, Captain Robert April..  … Pushing back the Klingon offensive… In which that battle happen seventy years after the founding of the Federation…

In “Captain Christopher Pike”   we see the Second Captain of the USS Enterprise, Constitution Class, retrofitted so many times after Axanar. We see his story in the early days of Captain Pike – Todd Shawn Tei and the conclusion days of Captain Robert April – Bruce Davison, with Captain Grace Shintal- Linda Park- of Star Trek Enterprise and legendary Walter Koenig, Pavel Chekov- whom plays a different role as Admiral Harlan Sobol also Admiral Josh Pike- Ray Wise.. Whom plays Christopher Pike’s Father with featuring Chase Masterson known as Leela from Deep space Nine with Eric Roberts father of the Actress Emma Roberts, brother of Oscar awarding Julia Roberts whom plays the Doctor Lee parsons.. Produce by Rigel 7 productions..

Linda Park- Captain Grace Shintal – Star trek Christopher Pike..

The revised Constitution class was design by Gabriel Koerner.. Is interesting, which featured on Ships of the line.. its modernized to a way where it still honoring  Matt Jefferies designs of the Constitution Class..

In this we see in the trailer of the younger Captain Christopher Pike captaining the USS Enterprise with mentoring by his father Captain Josh Pike…  in with multiple situations.. With various Captains on different Constitution Class ships the USS Enterprise, Constitution, Exeter, and the Republic in which I love they going to tell different stories with each ship in which brings out the richer stories.. in following Trek.. In the Prime Universe and hopefully Paramount and CBS picks up Christopher Pike, and Axanar moving into a mainstream television series…. as Disney heats up with more of the Star wars..

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