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On the 5th November 2023 Cathay Pacific – Cathay Partaking in the CIIE China International Export Expo in Shanghai Located in National Convention and Exhibition Center- Shanghai- China, People’s Republic of China in which  showing casing in between 5th to 10th November 2023 …

As the “new face” of 2023CIIE , Cathay Airlines- Cathay Pacific appeared in the service trade exhibition area of ​​Hall 8.2, focusing on “Working together, “Leap to the Future” theme, comprehensively displaying its four major business segments of “premium tourism, low-cost passenger transportation, freight and lifestyle”, as well as its development highlights and innovative measures in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and green and low-carbon fields, further demonstrating its in-depth development Confidence and determination in the mainland market.
Online Exhibition Portal
👉 Online travel to the CIIE, immersive check-in at the Cathay Pacific booth! Come take a look!

The first China Air Transport Association was successfully held on November 3! As one of the exhibitors, Cathay Airlines – Cathay Pacific  made an active appearance at this high-profile conference, providing strong support for the high-quality development of civil aviation in the new era and helping to promote society’s extensive understanding and recognition of the civil aviation industry.

At our booth, we presented Cathay Pacific’s global aviation network, exclusive and comfortable in-flight experience, unremitting pursuit of sustainable development, the huge potential of intermodal services in the Greater Bay Area, as well as operational highlights in cargo and other aspects. , conveying our corporate spirit of being committed to thoughtful service, being proactive, and creating innovative, convenient, and comfortable experiences for customers.

The first China Air Transport Association is a rare opportunity to gather industry elites to discuss the future of aviation. We eagerly look forward to more cooperation possibilities in the future, working with industry colleagues to shape the future of the aviation industry and provide passengers with a better flying experience!

Walk with Cathay Airlines- Cathay Pacific will take you to the exhibition online!

At the first China Air Transport Association, which opened today, we built a booth full of uniqueness and creativity, bringing you a brand new exhibition experience. The high energy on site will take you directly to the 👀:

✅ Light up travel destinations and gain exclusive

travel Exploration… Report

✅  Take photos and check in, generate AI images, and take photos with Cathay Pacific’s “landmarks”
✅ Enjoy the exclusive in-flight experience and immersively enjoy the luxurious business class seats

✅ Explore the real-life VIP room and experience the comfortable atmosphere of travel
✅ Check in to experience “turning waste into treasure” and refueling aircraft with sustainable aviation fuel..

In addition, we also showcased Cathay Pacific’s service highlights in different fields, such as the Multimodal Transport service in the Greater Bay Area. Web links , Cathay Pacific freight services, etc.

The first China Air Transport Association provides us with a platform for communication and mutual learning. We will firmly seize this opportunity and join hands with all parties to create better services for passengers and jointly contribute to the high-quality development of civil aviation in the new era!

What will it be like to unlock the highlights of travel services in one stop at the booth, explore the world and get exclusive reports, and generate AI photos as souvenirs?

On November 5, the 6th China International Import Expo officially kicked off. Cathay Pacific Airways , which made its debut at the CIIE , set up a unique and creative booth to provide a wonderful experience for people from all walks of life who came to visit. There are many highlights and more than a little surprise. Let’s take a look at the picture “Palm Palm Eye”~

2023CIIE Humanities exchange activities, the number of participating countries, provinces and booths has reached a new high. While promoting international cooperation and exchanges, it also provides more market opportunities for all parties. In order to firmly grasp the country’s “14th Five-Year Plan”, give Hong Kong, China new historical opportunities for development, and better integrate into the overall development of the country, we will continue to give full play to the unique advantages of “rooted in Hong Kong, backed by the motherland, and connected to the world”, and closely Connect the mainland with Hong Kong, China and other parts of the world, and consolidate and strengthen Hong Kong, China’s position as an international aviation hub…

The 6th China International Import Expo is in full swing! The editor invites you to come to the Cloud Exhibition~
📍 Explore the world and light up every unforgettable journey
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📍 Enjoy the immersive business class experience on the ground
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📍 Use your little hands to add sustainable aviation fuel to the plane…

A “four-leaf clover”, an exhibition “benefitting the world”, 2023CIIE ushered in the last day. In the past week, Cathay’s carefully built booth was full of highlights, attracting an endless stream of visitors. Come explore and experience, the place is buzzing with activity. Friends who haven’t checked in yet still have a chance~

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Li Jiachao, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, also visited our booth. Under the explanation of the staff, he further understood and experienced Cathay Pacific’s service concept and experience with the audience present. feature.

CIIE is open for a while, and a new chapter is about to begin! This conference has provided us with new opportunities, and everyone’s enthusiastic participation and recognition is the greatest affirmation of our unremitting efforts. While we are very encouraged, we are also looking forward to future development and working with you to create more excitement!

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#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #August2023 |#國泰航空 #Cathay –  introducing the all new #AriaSuite Featuring among the #Boeing777- 300ER #Boeing777-9 series #Long-haul Fleet  

On August 2023國泰航空公司Cathay PacificA new Business class – Aria Suite among with a A new First class and more new aircraft introducingly… First in Shanghai now based in Hong Kong SAR, China, People’s Republic of China has redefined their business class in taking towards great heights in comfort with luxury the quiet luxury of the all-new Aria Suite in our redesigned Boeing 777-300ER cabins, ready to depart in Q2 2024….

A new Business class – Aria Suite.

You may have seen a prelude to the new Business class experience: Aria Suite. This is an all-new seat with many thoughtfully designed features that we hope and expect will delight members. The Aria Suite will be available on our long-haul Boeing 777-300ER fleet, and we anticipate the first will be ready for departure in Q2 next year. My team and I look forward to sharing more about this exciting development in the coming months. Please take a first glimpse here.

A new First class and more new aircraft

In parallel to the Aria Suite, we are also working on what we believe will be a world-leading First class cabin on our future flagship fleet of Boeing 777-9, the first of which is scheduled to join in 2025. In addition to that, I am delighted to share that today we have announced our intention to purchase up to 32 additional Airbus A321neo and A320neo aircraft, which are expected to be delivered to both Cathay Pacific and HK Express by 2029. This will bring the Cathay Group’s new aircraft deliveries to up to more than 70. 

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#SpaceX #Iridium8 #NextSatellites | #FalconNineReusable the final eighth… Traditionally launching from that California Vandenberg coast saying “#JustReadTheInstructions “

One 11th January 2019… is the hall mark for the Iridium Satellite Constellation network completion launching from VAFB- SpaceX Space Launch Complex 4E…

On the 11th January 2019, eleventh days after the New Year that rolled in… It was the final set launching of the SpaceX reusable Falcon Nine Carrier Rocket in which also that final set is the final payload launch of the rest of the Iridium Constellation satellite network in completion of a total seventy five satellites in which it’s the final ten launching from the West Coast of the United States from VAFB- Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.. From SLC 4E- Space Launch Complex 4E,… This Launch is a traditional Launch for SpaceX, in which landing on off shore Landing Drone ship “ Just Read the Instructions” in which the East Coast is known “ Off Course I still Love You”

Commentary that day launch is John Insprucker- Space X Principle Integration Engineer …..  Launching without any arising issues towards the maximizing meeting the launch criteria… launch in 0731 Pacific Standard time  in which the morning launch will deployed one hour after the launch..  in which the Falcon Nine Reusable Carrier Rocket used is the block five, in which was used previously on the Telstar 18- Vantage mission that was launched on 18th September 2018..


The Next generation of Iridium Satellites constellation is set out to replace the existing network of its communication satellite network that spread though out the planetary coverage. In replacing the whole constellation network, it’s the first it’s been done on a massive scale… which innovative new communications upgrades, instruments,  services of the Iridium Certus… the next generation of L band broadband communications for various applications of safety services, remote monitoring.. Also control of unmanned UAV also UAS also its precession tracking… other packages in Aviation tracking surveillance in real time on a planetary scale….. in which the manufacturing of the constellation is Thales Alenia Group

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #HongKong | #HongKongScienceMuseum – Above and Beyond- featuring #Boeing


Current running In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is at the Hong Kong Science Museum is Boeing’s Above and Beyond exhibition, in which features numerous aviation history  towards innovation in Aerospace industry from flying around Earth also outside this planet.. in which this Show Case Exhibition in featuring Boeing inspirations in which will inspired, educate  people inspiring to work in the Aerospace or related industries….  Either within Hong Kong, China or outside..

The Above and Beyond exhibition, features historically accounts, in which from those pioneering innovations towards the innovation in which it simulates into interactive immersive augmented reality into behind the scenes….. That goes in exploration inspirations of science, engineering and technology..

Hong Kong Science Museum – featuring Boeing -Evergreen Exhitbition -Above and Beyond – Marathon to Mars..

The immersive exhibition features a wraparound wall theatre into five zones in which featuring dozens more micro exhibits..  into venturing into sub-orbital –orbital earth via simulating towards the edge of space.. Creating design, engineering your own aircraft then testing in a virtual simulator in a flying contest with various other designs that people have engineered ….. Flying in a sense environment where you flying like a bird among a flock, in using motion sensing imaging capturing devices..

Other exhibitions interactively, Take flight- examine aircraft designs an innovations.. Experience the first hand challenges how your body mind soul reacts towards working living journey towards on Mars… Space Junk… Utilizing innovations to eliminate the left over from using un reusable rocket components..

The exhibition runs from 15th June 2018 towards 17th October 2018

 In Special Exhibition Hall,

Hong Kong Science Museum
2 Science Museum Road,

Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10:00am – 9:00pm
closed on Thursdays (except public holidays)

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
jointly organised by the Hong Kong Science Museum and Boeing
An exhibition produced by Evergreen Exhibitions in association with Boeing

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #HKIA #香港國際機場 | #CathayPacific iconically flash mob dances for the 20th Anniversary for Hong Kong International Airport- Activities preparation highlights ….


On a celebrating  6th July 2018 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport celebrated its twentieth year anniversary in its lobby in which Cathay Pacific also celebrated it with its world known iconic flash mob dances around known global events ….  In which they flash mob during the Chinese New Year celebrations along the Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui as the Chinese New Year celebrations continues in various Hong Kong Shopping mega Malls also other key destination international airports…..

But also in that preparation, towards that day of the 20th Anniversary, there was a lot of preparation in choreographing the flash mob dances towards the select music that Cathay Pacific Airways have been iconically known for.. Also among the flash mob crowds are staff from Hong Kong International Airport..  Whom have join to celebrated that sixth July 2018 the opening day of celebration … among with that celebration with Hong Kong international Airport staff party in which festive events concerts within the HKIA..  whom dance at Terminal one Arrivals Hall with more than five hundred staff whom different Airport Companies that provides the servicement of HKIA..  as after they presented the Cup Cakes to the passengers and guest of the HKIA..

Speaking from reception of the celebrated day is Hong Kong SAR- Chief Executive Carrie Lam  in which she said that “HKIA is among our most important infrastructure. With the construction of the Three-runway System (3RS), HKIA will help ensure that Hong Kong will continue to be one of the world’s major aviation hubs amid the vast promise of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area.”…… Following Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s reception is Chairman of the Airport Authority Jack So congratulated the staff of the HKIA of working hard for a successfully earned numerous awards as the world leading best International Airport also hoping for many successfully stories to come beyond those twenty years..

That day it was live stream on Socials celebrating the 20th Anniversary event,   the Crowds, passengers of Hong Kong International Airport were greet met with excitement as Crew of Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon and among with the HKIA staff performed with local Artist with many iconic musical covers, as the iconic flash mob dances… in with end they celebrated with the birthday tunes with Birthday Cake..  Happy Birthday 20th Hong Kong International Airport with many endeavoring innovating decades, centuries to come in being the world leading Airport hubs…