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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, during the month of July 2018 it’s been the twenty year anniversary for the world leading innovative Hong Kong International Airport in which celebrating that day on the Sixth of July 2018, is Cathay Pacific’s also Cathay Dragon crew iconic flash mob dancing among with the HKIA’s staff, and …

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 “Your Wing really exist- All you have to do is Fly “ – Air New Zealand As Air New Zealand celebrates in being’s Airliner of the year of 2018, in which travelling in between cities, travelling adventuring in between Airliners share on so many multitudes of stories on so many in-depth levels.. One young …

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  On the recent adventures of Air New Zealand’s How to Dad… in which he was flying of how to fly with a baby in which he was traveling with his child on flight  on Air New Zealand’s Sky Couch preparing beforehand in preparation  for another flight adventuring somewhere where How to Dad takes him…. …

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  One of the iconic serious job roles as passengers, iconically traditionally with the airliners culture is the job role of the lolly runner that was set in tradition as flight attendants delivery the candies towards your fellow travelling passengers as they refresh also re-energized of one way of having sweets or various confectionery….before they …

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香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | #MACAU- Fortaleza do Monte Part one – the older Macau landscape….

June 14, 2017

As a walkable adjacent to hill wise to the Ruins of St. Paul’s is the hill side Portuguese  fortification of, – Fortaleza do Monte in which is adjacent to only fifty meters away.. in which walking the historically steps of Mount Hill..  In which those steps aside has old as the Ruins of St. Paul Church, in which you have to be respectable in this area as you walk up wards in beginning of the steps, is also an extension graveyard crypt of the Church… also the fort provides a protection of the St. Paul’s Church below..

Walking up among those historical stone stairs in which leads up towards a modern escalator, in which midway leading towards modern visitor center in which show case along the way the historical significant of place.. In which in the center is the Maco Museum, as below the stair ways there’s a small market square space in which selling souvenirs….

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As walking onwards outside of the Fortaleza do Monte, I could see the all-encompassing view of layers of Macau city neighborhood landscape… as its history unfolds with all the cannons gunnery emplacements readiness in defending the fort also the Church of Saint Paul’s below, tactically placed to with one of its Alarming bells to signal the fort….. Looking around in the fort the main fortifications seeming the fort operations seeming it covers all sides of protecting the township below…

as looking into the distance Macau skyline transition from older traditionally to new with a crystal skyline towers..

Looking in the distance is Mainland China, across the Harbour one of heaviest patrol Harbors in the world with constant patrol boats patrolling in between sides of Macau –SAR each Border patrolling on their partaking…  as walking to one placement of the cannons looking at the older casinos of Macau, with that 1950’s retro last Vegas look… in that area where its modernized with wider roads, than the older Macau road in which was designated for horses carriages in those days, now those roads are now replaced with scooters with smaller cars to get around in with alley way streets in which you have to drive one way in which you’ll have to know the street outlining pretty well in which Google maps helps..

Looking in the distance with the Harbour channel in view this part of the city is defending within the capable outline of the cannon emplacements especially from the Harbour in those days still the Harbour also the river way…..

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