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On the recent adventures of Air New Zealand’s How to Dad… in which he was flying of how to fly with a baby in which he was traveling with his child on flight  on Air New Zealand’s Sky Couch preparing beforehand in preparation  for another flight adventuring somewhere where How to Dad takes him…. In which this time How to Dad, a home bound, local neighbourhood father, like the nice family guy next door that you know…. How to Dad- Jordan Watson adventuring to PROC- China this time, in which he adventures to Shanghai in which Air New Zealand does periodically annually fly direct to Its Happening in Shanghai as to Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong… also looks seems like he’s got all the bases covered in learning one of two major dialects in China Cantonese and Mandarin..

As he goes shopping he adventures the great places in like in Yu Gardens, Oriental Pearl Tower  doing a lots of shopping sightseeing with his kids in Shanghai  Ancient shopping district , in the Shanghai trying out the local cuisine like a pro in showing his kids in how to use the chopstick ..


AIR NEW ZEALAND | #HOWTODAD – How to fly with a baby with #AIRNZ

As “Air New Zealand” brings out Oscar awarding inflight safety videos, with various innovative storylines in like the Hobbit, lord of the rings, also this awarding “How to Dad” Tuition in various situation How to fly with a Baby in with Air New Zealand.. Inflight while given Dad the best options to how to look after his child during flight, also preparations inflight, like the early, not so early Dad, the sharing Dad, She’ll be right Dad,  The Checklist Dad.. the Sleepy Dad.. As Authored by “How to Dad” by That How to Dad Bloke… On 21st century bloke’s Fatherly advice on how to for blokes in instructionally parenting…..