Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

 “Your Wing really exist- All you have to do is Fly “ – Air New Zealand

As Air New Zealand celebrates in being’s Airliner of the year of 2018, in which travelling in between cities, travelling adventuring in between Airliners share on so many multitudes of stories on so many in-depth levels.. One young passenger in which inspires Air New Zealand, in which that story starts from Nelson,  Christchurch  on a Bombardier Q300 series Aircraft towards Dunedin on Aérospatiale  ATR72 series Aircraft celebrating his birthday in which Captain Steve from Air New Zealand takes Leon with this mother Cheree around South Island in which from Dunedin a flight A320 series towards Auckland.. During Leon’s birthday Adventures he gets to learn about the Aviation industry from the control tower at Dunedin Domestic Airport towards what operationally goes around inside the flights with different types of aircraft from flight controls to that iconic Air New Zealand Lolly Runner. As his journey progresses from South Island from learning smaller aircrafts towards flying towards Jean Batten- Auckland international Airport  to looking at the larger heavier aircrafts…

A #Legend#FuturePilot…. Leon’s life journey is to become a commercial pilot for Air New Zealand, in which passion in heart is set forwarding to it also Leon’s journey reminds us all with passion from as child to adulthood anything is possible once you set your passion heart and mind working towards  your dreams..

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