#AirNewZealand @FlyAirNZ | A #legend #FuturePilot a humble ten year old whom have passion for Aircrafts..

 “Your Wing really exist- All you have to do is Fly “ – Air New Zealand

As Air New Zealand celebrates in being AirlineRating.com’s Airliner of the year of 2018, in which travelling in between cities, travelling adventuring in between Airliners share on so many multitudes of stories on so many in-depth levels.. One young passenger in which inspires Air New Zealand, in which that story starts from Nelson,  Christchurch  on a Bombardier Q300 series Aircraft towards Dunedin on Aérospatiale  ATR72 series Aircraft celebrating his birthday in which Captain Steve from Air New Zealand takes Leon with this mother Cheree around South Island in which from Dunedin a flight A320 series towards Auckland.. During Leon’s birthday Adventures he gets to learn about the Aviation industry from the control tower at Dunedin Domestic Airport towards what operationally goes around inside the flights with different types of aircraft from flight controls to that iconic Air New Zealand Lolly Runner. As his journey progresses from South Island from learning smaller aircrafts towards flying towards Jean Batten- Auckland international Airport  to looking at the larger heavier aircrafts…

A #Legend#FuturePilot…. Leon’s life journey is to become a commercial pilot for Air New Zealand, in which passion in heart is set forwarding to it also Leon’s journey reminds us all with passion from as child to adulthood anything is possible once you set your passion heart and mind working towards  your dreams..

#YesterdayInAuckland |#Auckland- Managere Bridge township and the old Bridge- A Gallery-


At one time in Auckland History, a Township naming Mangere Bridge, located in the Manukau Harbour, Used to be a major suburban hub that interconnects between Mangere Bridge to the Onehunga, in which that township was busy  in up to the mid 1980’s as the final construction of the new constructed  Managere Bridge that became operational in 1983…. In which took ten years to build, to replace the previous one in which still stands today….as a recreational park, part of the Community, in where people now days used it to walk to work, school.. Recreationally fish from the Harbour, with as part of Auckland’s bicycle peddling network also is a resting spot for resting..

Before 1983, the old Mangere Bridge constructed in 1914, it was widely used to the point where bridge up to moment in 1980’s it was beyond saturation point more than Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak International Airport in Kowloon Bay   As the its replacement was still finalized in construction after a ten year stall after stall in construction due to labor disputes..  Back then driving on the old bridge in which Coronation road that lead up into the Mangere Bridge Township was intense intensified as the new bridge waits…  With one of the known traffic also it was one of the known roadways that link up travelling in from Auckland CBD towards Onehunga towards Mangere Bridge Township towards the Jean Batten international Airport- Auckland international Airport…


The old Mangere Bridge in which still stands today in which constructed during wartime 1914 in World War one and two, was design to be a wartime bridge the way how it was layout and design was to have elements of being Anti-Tank block, with some sentry towers… as a procedure the harbour also the bridge was mined for just in case.. Interesting enough the bridge itself was designed lowered as to counter any larger wartime or patrol boats from entry the mouth of the harbour…

bike riding is the now replacement of the Old Bridge in which previously serving the heavy automobiles that once saturated it’s tarmac roads..

During those times when the old Mangere Bridge was active, traffic thoroughfare through the Mangere Bridge Township was a lot more intensified than as now today… as now days the traffic is no longer through the main street of the village as it’s completely diverted through Auckland’s South-western Motorway –SH20.. As the large component of traffic is diverted the township has recently enjoyed its now provincial humbling as its thriving growing local community…..

#AirNewZealand #GoingTheDistance | who you’ll be missing this #ValentinesDay …..?

“… if you looking for it, I’ve e a sneaking suspicion you’ll find that love actually is all around…. “His Right Honorable- the Prime Minister of Great Britain and United Kingdom- Hugh Grant – Love Actually…  “

As this Valentine’s Day in about a fortnight least on the 14th February, love comes in various different elements with different stories of Love..  in which is either with Wife,  Husband, daughters sons, best friends and cousins.. Parents, grandparents and long lost lovers in which like the Arrival gates like of Hong Kong International Airport, or Auckland, or that iconic scene in love Actually in Heathrow where the British Prime Minister voice over by actor Hugh Grant explains an emotional synopsis of  celebratory love at the Arrival gates..  In which “Air New Zealand” is inviting you whom you’ll be missing on this Valentine’s Day… in which they wanting  to know on their socials..

 #ValentinesDay #GoingTheDistance

Auckland’s July 2012- fog

A while ago last week I went to Auckland Memorial Museum, last week the city was blanketing of fog, at one of the days of that week it lingered around for most of the day until the end of the night until the end of later that morning.  Looking around from the city to the east of Auckland around the harbour you could see on end the visibility hampered by the density of the fog of that morning.  Last night of that fog covered day it was even quite interesting to drive in the dark, where driving distance can been seen only roughly between least of one to two hundred meters away, but it’s safe to say to drive moderately to the environment of the road. Mostly what you’ve seen here is the Fog was burning away as the sun reclaiming its place. But on previous days inwards and departured flights from Auckland International Airport has been belayed later for safe travel.

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