#iPhonePhotography | #Sunhalo #太陽光暈 | in between Hong Kong also Auckland New Zealand March 2018 – A Gallery

with rainbow halo rings, transiting is a Airbus 320 flying south wise of North Island New Zealand..


Sun Halo’s are like rainbow like rings of light that encompassing surrounding the sun or the nearest star that’s averagely elliptically 150 million kilometers – eight minutes ago away from this Planet Earth in which I’m Keyboarding and editing this post.. recently  there have been some amazing remarkable  solar -sun halos in Auckland New Zealand recently shown up in recently light of previously awaking of several cyclones, or tropical cyclones in high attitude Chinese Dragon phoenix whispering  clouds….. As the clouds create a dispersion of light in a circumference rainbow effect through ice crystals that’s founded on higher levels of cirrus clouds that gives it rainbow colouring…………….

Recently in Auckland there has been some stunning Halo’s sightings in the rurally side of Auckland, in which seldom seen in urbanely or suburban while in recently in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong on Ngong Ping 360, on one September there was an amazing halo over shadowing the in the background of the Big Buddha that painted an iconic actual Chinese painting of those can be found in the Chinese Buddhist temples through China in which a majority can be found in the Grotto of the ancient Silk Road….

Also Happy Easter 2018 everyone be festive with chocolate in which you’re license to do so more…. 

#iPhonePhotography | #LunarEclipse2018 #Supermoon #Auckland- Under an extremely blanketed clouded out Cyclone Fehi late night to early morning unstarry skies- A Gallery

On a in between almost midnight 31st January – Very weathering clouded extremely clouded out Auckland- New Zealand in bracing for an impending Cyclone Fehi that’s bound arrived in the later hours till midnight on the 31st January to 1st February 2018 in which the event of the Auckland Lunar Eclipse event of the Luna Rosa ended unobserved till four ending in the morning…  From the anticipated Supermoon that’s risen over the hills of One Tree looking towards north eastern direction that slight over right of the summit of one tree hill, in which a mass of crowds have gathered  at the back of Auckland Observatory- Stardome for the courtyard telescopes with a great team of volunteers whom operate them..  as the mass of crowds gather with their photographing camera equipment with their picnic blankets keeping warm throughout the night also the unexpected early hours morning …..

As the Supermoon rises from behind the hill embankments of One Tree Hill, in which the moon is closes towards the Planet earth in its elliptical orbit calling it Apogee, as the apogee moon rise from the horizon the image of the moon is magnified due to the heavy thick Atmospheric layering at the horizon in which increase the image of the moon, than from as it moves towards a higher angle of in the night sky in which it reduced magnification due to the thin atmosphere layer ….. As on the on the other side of hemisphere in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Space Museum staging various events around Hong Kong one of many in nearby in Tsim Sha Tsui,  Kowloon Park, also Sha Tin also in Central on Hong Kong Island, with very great clear viewing  weather conditions than of Auckland..

the crowds awaits in the Cyclone Fehi Auckland cloudy night skies a the courtyard telescopes at the Auckland Observatory-Stardome

During that onwards towards midnight it the building up of cyclone Fehi clouds started to concentratingly to nomadically increase only to have slightly teasing selectively of viewing the moon as it transition from the earth shadows umbra starting the cast on the Luna Shadow slowly, as it was gate crashing the moments of looking transiting moon,  towards the Luna Rosa.. In which as it gathered upwards to that moment it wasn’t possible to watched as the rain decide to gate crash the event.. Nor to photograph even further… like packing your troubles in that  first  Yosemite night time campfire scene from Star Trek V- The Final Frontier where Captain Kirk, Doctor McCoy’s, Captain Spock camping trip was interrupted ….

#YesterdayInAuckland |#Auckland- Managere Bridge township and the old Bridge- A Gallery-


At one time in Auckland History, a Township naming Mangere Bridge, located in the Manukau Harbour, Used to be a major suburban hub that interconnects between Mangere Bridge to the Onehunga, in which that township was busy  in up to the mid 1980’s as the final construction of the new constructed  Managere Bridge that became operational in 1983…. In which took ten years to build, to replace the previous one in which still stands today….as a recreational park, part of the Community, in where people now days used it to walk to work, school.. Recreationally fish from the Harbour, with as part of Auckland’s bicycle peddling network also is a resting spot for resting..

Before 1983, the old Mangere Bridge constructed in 1914, it was widely used to the point where bridge up to moment in 1980’s it was beyond saturation point more than Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak International Airport in Kowloon Bay   As the its replacement was still finalized in construction after a ten year stall after stall in construction due to labor disputes..  Back then driving on the old bridge in which Coronation road that lead up into the Mangere Bridge Township was intense intensified as the new bridge waits…  With one of the known traffic also it was one of the known roadways that link up travelling in from Auckland CBD towards Onehunga towards Mangere Bridge Township towards the Jean Batten international Airport- Auckland international Airport…


The old Mangere Bridge in which still stands today in which constructed during wartime 1914 in World War one and two, was design to be a wartime bridge the way how it was layout and design was to have elements of being Anti-Tank block, with some sentry towers… as a procedure the harbour also the bridge was mined for just in case.. Interesting enough the bridge itself was designed lowered as to counter any larger wartime or patrol boats from entry the mouth of the harbour…

bike riding is the now replacement of the Old Bridge in which previously serving the heavy automobiles that once saturated it’s tarmac roads..

During those times when the old Mangere Bridge was active, traffic thoroughfare through the Mangere Bridge Township was a lot more intensified than as now today… as now days the traffic is no longer through the main street of the village as it’s completely diverted through Auckland’s South-western Motorway –SH20.. As the large component of traffic is diverted the township has recently enjoyed its now provincial humbling as its thriving growing local community…..

木星 – May’s Planet Jupiter | #iPhonePhotography | on a crystal autumn wintery night the giant red spot on the side..

After a recently delude of rain in the recents week in Auckland, New Zealand… May 2017, as the weeks progressively weather wise clearing for the remainingly teasing blankets of rain clouds seductively in revealing crystal wintery night skies… in which the Planet Jupiter with its four main Galilean Moons  Io, Europa, Castillo, Ganymede was in its progressive orbiting view as it skew one side from Occultation to transiting around it parent planet. Viewing that Autumn Wintery cold night, I could see Jupiter’s iconic signature Giant Red three Earth’s width spot, moved from the last time I’ve viewed it, as it was recently last in the center view, then now it’s on almost at the circumference rim of the Planet looking at least averagely eight hundred million kilometers also  forty Minutes ago back in time from the Planet Earth the third planet from the nearest star, the Sun… in the Solar -Sol System …….

#iPhonePhotography #adventuringTheStarrySkies |夏季 -秋季 #Auckland -#NewZealand – A small collection of looking back in time… Summer to autumn

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During the year of 2017, up to this moment the night skies have been very generous with some interesting seasonally views the starry night skies apart in Auckland it’s has been gatecrashed with periodically cyclones, and random nomadically thunderstorms, or gatecrashing massive clouds … as for these two seasons its Summer and Autumn.. as the transitional in between two seasons with the summery constellation Orion starts to fall early as it progresses towards autumn, within that Constellation seeing it upside down given that you’re from the Northern hemisphere.  Down under it’s known to be the Orion the Hunter or the pot having the handle, in which is the sword,  then the base of the pot is the three straight row of stars in which forms his belt..  or in my case Orion is a Cheerleader doing the somersault  with her hands with two wearing Citrine set rings, with her diamond studded heels, with a three diamond stud belt that holds up her skater skirt with a smaller three diamond studded slash on her skirt of her dress..

Orion Nebula cloud i when it glows its quite haunting in a way it speaks out it long ago of untold unspoken stories

Apart of the summer Constellation Orion is other deep space objects, in which is the Jewel box open cluster it’s below the New Zealand flag, the Southern Cross in which is below Beta Crux… notably it’s just off slightly a little of beta crux when you look at the finder scope of your telescope. As you look back in time to an open cluster of least seven thousand years ago back in time with a collection of hundred stars… among clusters is the globular Cluster 47 Tucanne, in located in the Tucanne constellation. It’s supposed to be an ancient Dwarf Galaxy in which its progressively got consumed by Milky Way Galaxy throughout time.. In which leaving it with its core of one million stars, with aging stars with white and yellow spectra..  One of the interesting transitioning moments of Night Skies between from Summery to Autumn is the Planet Jupiter… all the nights off looking back in time of least forty minutes ago averagely 800 million kilometers is never the same, every night is different as the Four main Galilean Moons ..  Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto orbiting around the Gaseous Planet, as watching it from going behind Jupiter towards from occultation to transiting you can see something interesting with a larger mirror telescope, as you multiple eclipses, eclipsing it’s shadow  as it transiting in front of the planet in view with the nearest star the Sun..