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  In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, it’s been fifty five days for these two adventuring couple, when they met together again on the World leading MTR Hong Kong –Vibrant Express- the High speed Rail at West Kowloon Station… in which  Her and Him adventuring together on Lantau Island ..  In which they ask their …

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#iPhonePhotography | #Sunhalo #太陽光暈 | in between Hong Kong also Auckland New Zealand March 2018 – A Gallery

March 30, 2018

with rainbow halo rings, transiting is a Airbus 320 flying south wise of North Island New Zealand..


Sun Halo’s are like rainbow like rings of light that encompassing surrounding the sun or the nearest star that’s averagely elliptically 150 million kilometers – eight minutes ago away from this Planet Earth in which I’m Keyboarding and editing this post.. recently  there have been some amazing remarkable  solar -sun halos in Auckland New Zealand recently shown up in recently light of previously awaking of several cyclones, or tropical cyclones in high attitude Chinese Dragon phoenix whispering  clouds….. As the clouds create a dispersion of light in a circumference rainbow effect through ice crystals that’s founded on higher levels of cirrus clouds that gives it rainbow colouring…………….

Recently in Auckland there has been some stunning Halo’s sightings in the rurally side of Auckland, in which seldom seen in urbanely or suburban while in recently in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong on Ngong Ping 360, on one September there was an amazing halo over shadowing the in the background of the Big Buddha that painted an iconic actual Chinese painting of those can be found in the Chinese Buddhist temples through China in which a majority can be found in the Grotto of the ancient Silk Road….

Also Happy Easter 2018 everyone be festive with chocolate in which you’re license to do so more…. 

  During the month of October 2017 in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is the Ngong Ping 360 Martial Arts festival, in which is currently on right now from 1st to 31st October 2017, located in Lantau Island, in where is Hong Kong Disneyland is also situated also with the Big Buddha is .. During …

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Located right next to the same location nearby, walkable very, walkable within a one kilometre radius from the Big guy, The Big Buddha, Tian Tan Buddha, Shakyammuni. Is the century old more Po Lin Monastery… in which foundation wise at 1906 by three monks from Jiangsu Province in that time the latter half of an …

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The big guy- The big Buddha.. There was once a scene featured in the Movie Battleship in where, it features a massive Buddha, on top of the peak of the mountain… also it was featured in the Amazing Race as the in which that mountain is which Lantau Island at Ngong Ping 360.  In where …

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