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#YesterdayInAuckland | #Auckland- one Mid Late August Wintery Mission Bay – Rangitoto Island- A Gallery-

August 22, 2017


During on one weekend mid Late August 2017, One  wintery Weekend Auckland  heading to  get warmer as it headed towards the Spring season as the daylight seemingly getting warmer and longer.. Also wishing that there was no daylight savings for the summery season… As the weekend warmingly with the ample amount of daylight spreading….

wide View of Mission bay..

There’s one place in Auckland urban, in which is Mission bay, a urban beach line in which you could attend to after work, the weekend in which to escape from work, of the daily chores of home.. Mission bay sits midway along the Tamaki Drive Auckland, with a wide range of local amenities, as to a cosy neighbourhood of cafes, restaurants…  The Beach lies in the Auckland Waitemata Harbour, in which Mission bay has some key historical landmarks, Bastion Point, Trevor Moss Davis Memorial Fountain, with a neighbourhood Gallery…

Among that it has some interesting rock formations into when Auckland’s Volcanic past with as you walk north wise of the beach you can see un sandy buried the frozen lava formations layering like a molten Scoria rock toffee formation… also in the distance is the Rangitoto Island once of Auckland’s Volcanic past in which it lies dormant for a while in the Hauraki Gulf. Rangitoto Island name means Bloody Sky, as it was formed over the period of six thousand years that gate crashed Motutapu Island….

wide view taken from a St Heliers – Achiles Point viewing platform on an August Weekend

It recent residences were from the IWI Ngāti Paoa until recently in the European  Colonization it housed local New Zealand residences with their make shift housing as seen along the wharf locations of the island.. Among wartime it housed World War Two to house United States troops to store mines, also barracks as a look out as to a Communications out post for war time New Zealand…..


Just recently this month of early April 2017, during the first week April 2017 on about the seventh of April 2017 in the constellation Virgo, it’s been the very closest to Jupiter, during this month being very fortunate to record its closest… With its four Galilean Moons Io, Europa, Ganymede Callisto … in which from …

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During the year of 2017, up to this moment the night skies have been very generous with some interesting seasonally views the starry night skies apart in Auckland it’s has been gatecrashed with periodically cyclones, and random nomadically thunderstorms, or gatecrashing massive clouds … as for these two seasons its Summer and Autumn.. as the …

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“Kia Ora, Welcome to theBay of Islands!” – Rachel Hunter… Featuring this this time of “Air New Zealand” Oscar awarding wining inflight safety videos, is featuring the Summer in New Zealand, with some iconic New Zealand elements of everyday life, like the traditional stuck in traffic while in introduction is where a local boy Jadyen …

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    Around Auckland during in that day of 13th  or 14th December it was a stormy day it was raining throughout the whole day, when looking at the weather through the day from One Tree Hill later in the evening and the season wise, it looks like Auckland had completely gone back to its early spring… …

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