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Around Auckland during in that day of 13th  or 14th December it was a stormy day it was raining throughout the whole day, when looking at the weather through the day from One Tree Hill later in the evening and the season wise, it looks like Auckland had completely gone back to its early spring…

Arriving at Mission Bay in which a Tamaki drive away from the Central Business district Auckland… a Urban Beach, that it’s great and ideal place after working weekend or weekday to have a great swim to relax after work, instead of heading off to the local pools…

As there, it was stormy on that rained out, waves crashing on the wet out sandy beach… The sand winded out blown… in the distance was a crowed of brave children braving playing in the cold waters, with their accompany adult.. Watching the shore line, there racing ahead, chopping away to Waiheke Island, a Fullers ferry racing in full throttle ….


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