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On 12th of December 2014, “Netflix” aired an American television documentary series in which journalised the adventures exploration of “Marco Polo”  as he’s sets off in from Italy with his merchant family has they  journalized their ways into a very much Mongolian Empire, Yuan Dynasty in the between the year 1206-1294 of the Mongolian Emperor  Kublai Khan, very much after Genghis Khan… in those years the first introduction of the Hand Cannon  technology  created that lead to now as hand guns… The Marco Polo television series is produce in with the Netflix, “The Weinstein Company” written by John Fusco,



In this behind the scenes of creating that tittle sequence… They look back to the artistry drawings of works during the Yuan Dynasty and created into modern ink calligraphy aspect as the team from the ” Mill+ co” Director Ben Smith and Wymer in creating that theme using various methods from storyboard of ink brush drawings, to the Typography, and using different touches of creating those images of a traditional Chinese drawing as it tells the Journals exploration of Marco Polo.. of using black on with Papered textured  backgrounds as when you see Chinese drawings in motion it bleeds into the paper as that ink is feeding the paper with that story with music tellings of Composer Danielle luppi…


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