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On 12 December 2014 on a beautiful sunny partial cloudy day, on the west coast of the United States, in California, Vandenberg Air Force Base… On a night launch, an Atlas five rocket was prepared to send a payload, in which is a NROL-35, and National Reconnaissance Office 35 a Reconnaissance satellite …. In this Launch, in collaboration with the “ULA-Untied Launch Alliance” with the “United States Air Force” it is the first time flight of a RL10C rocket engine used on the upper staging of the Centaur component of the rocket staging…

As seen here some awesome highlights done by “Matthew Travis”  shows the progress from a three week from September  assembly on the launch complex on Vandenberg Air Force Base’s launch complex three… to the getting ready prime fueling  for a traditional military  launch…

There’s one thing interesting in this flight its mission patch logo, in its design… In having gone to the more of a Marvel, DC comics like a Dragon age mix in with War or Warcraft  type of look with an Awesome female Mage warrior, in a dark Gothic Mage purple dress, with holding a guarded trident in readiness to follow with her single amber charge from one hand.. Meaning ready to defend…  With her energy charged fiercing purple hair… like she’s ready for battle….

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