Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

Alvision100 and their team have been brilliant in making small  high Quality professional Film making Digital Art mini Star Trek mini episodes, in which comes to of the Alternative or that’s to be the Kelvin universe, as the one is “Chasing the infinity sky” with the newly envisioned StarShip long range Exploration vessel Alvision100 has re-engineered the intrepid Class with a sleeker rounded with a, elegant silk slip dress look..  But still retaining the Kelvin time Constitution class with Television series look.. as it starts to exits outwards of the Solar System….The visuals done by Albert Martinez, Ricky Wallace , keeping with tradition is Voyager theme music Dennis McCarthy……  Team Alvision100 specialization into making high quality Film making on an Amateur with a professionalism with bring out their Digital Art, VFX Compositing in which this is done using a fan made model done by Rick Wallace in compositing using Blender 3D and Adobe After Effects..

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