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STAR TREK ONLINE - Tier Six Fleet Hestia Class….

STAR TREK ONLINE – Tier Six Fleet Hestia Class….


“The Hestia Class” is ship describe as Mini Morris Copper as an armored personal carrier tank,  is a ship in which is slightly larger than the Constitution Class retrofit of 418.25 meters long.. in which modestly medium size ship it has the capability to do a considerable amount of damage, given that you install forward beams dual cannons, on torpedo launcher, with in the rear weapons load out of two turrets, on beam with the Notion of having plus fifteen to Weapons also plus Five to Auxiliary, with that given it get the job done while you leave the Auxiliary to keep you sub systems alive ..

The turn rate of the Hestia is lovable with as 16 degrees per second, in which will give you enough timing to minimize your weapons also your abilities cool down period… Customization of your ship is very important in order to move around effectively as all the changes in Physics takes play with how your vessel moves. So spend time in customization to get to know you ship better… once you Active the MAVM in which your ship becomes in small three, you have to remember orthough your ship is attacking three times, but you have to be aware of a lower hulling..

As you integrated the seat modules of the Fleet Advance Escort, from previous MAVM Escort that you had previously in your shipyard, or not that is your first time in having this class, its best to save those modules that comes with the ship for just in case given that you made need it next.. There are two modules that come with or integrated from into the Hestia fleet one is the Universal High Energy Plasma Expulsers… which vents dangerous Plasma fire, also the Multi Assault Vector Maneuver console, with that in mind it’ll gives you extra abilities.. Orthough the Hestia is an intriguing ship that street drifts into combat of what how you tune it out with what equipment that you had in mind..

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