#StarTrek #Voyager | #KelvinUniverse #Alvision100 – A brilliant fan made introduction….

Alvision100 and their team have been brilliant in making small  high Quality professional Film making Digital Art mini Star Trek mini episodes, in which comes to of the Alternative or that’s to be the Kelvin universe, as the one is “Chasing the infinity sky” with the newly envisioned StarShip long range Exploration vessel Alvision100 has re-engineered the intrepid Class with a sleeker rounded with a, elegant silk slip dress look..  But still retaining the Kelvin time Constitution class with Television series look.. as it starts to exits outwards of the Solar System….The visuals done by Albert Martinez, Ricky Wallace , keeping with tradition is Voyager theme music Dennis McCarthy……  Team Alvision100 specialization into making high quality Film making on an Amateur with a professionalism with bring out their Digital Art, VFX Compositing in which this is done using a fan made model done by Rick Wallace in compositing using Blender 3D and Adobe After Effects..

STAR WARS- #THEFORCEAWAKENS | ILMFX- Visual effects is also part of the emotional visual storytelling…

“LUCAS FILMS – ILMFX” have always been one of the few leaders in development of crafting special visual effects, from the very ground up in when their awarding winning hallmark benchmark is experimentation’s with “Star Wars” in when development the visual component of storytelling of capturing us in that story world of immersion beside in musical score that brings out the emotional voice of the words that lies within the pages of storyboard screenplay..

In this feature it demonstrates that storytelling in visually in the recent trilogic saga of Star Wars of “The Force Awakens” having taking notes from the very ground up, breaking bounds of going back to that 1975 beginnings in relearning of creating with today’s, graphically visual technologies in creating layering of various layering of animations in post-production taking from the green/blue screen footage in combining with collaboration partners Hybride, Base FX and Virtuos.  Those footage scenes at ILM Studios in San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver to London… likes of the battled savage lands of Jakku to planet size Death Star- Star Killer..


GAME OF THRONES- RodeoFX | Season six- VI- 六- Visual Effects breakdown…



As we left off from season six of “Game of Thrones” we see the collaboration in alliance with Daenery Targaryen in taking off with her great assemble fleet of ships from the ports of Essos heading directly to the already dysfunctional Lannister’s household rule Kingslanding, in which is now ruled by now Queen Cersei Lannister whom have become cold, as seen through her brothers eyes Jamie… in wondering if he still retains that blooded stained tittle King slayer….

In this we see in collaboration with “Rhythm and Hues” and” RodeoFX” tirednessly in producing post production work in storytelling recreating visually of George RR. Martin written works into HBO’s … In this we see the critical points of the story in the battlements of Mereen… Also among as the intro with the many faces illustrates the many key characters of the story, in which a place Arya Stark finding herself with a seclude group of assassins..  As part of the post production of using the raw live shooting of the production with the carefully co-ordinated placed position of the Green screen during the production only to be filled in bringing out the flesh of the story of using various layers compositions of computer Generated graphics in bring the words of the scene visually in which RodeoFX has done over 150 VFX shootings for eight episodes in the highest movie cinematic quality of work in entrenching you that world with a two VFX groups over in a tight production schedule… should be interesting to see what they bring for season seven..

STAR WARS | the force awakens -escaping Planet Jakku… a visual effects breakdown…..


As we build up for the ninth episode movie in “Star War” after we was left off in Rey finding self-exiling Jedi Master Luke Skywalker- whom founded, the new order of the Jedi order after it was crushed by the Dark side of his nephew Ben Solo- Kylo Ren son of Princess-General Leia Skywalker and General Han Solo of the rebellion that happen now thirty years ago as we explore the aftermath of the fall of the Galactic Empire of that on a new story thirty years later on Jakku where we met Rey- Daisy Ridley ….

Star Wars have always been on the cutting edge of innovative creative on leading for intensive immersive visual effects has it started of using creatively of blue screen with highly detail actuated crafted models to tell various elements of the story …. As to this scene here is where Rey, Finn and BB-8 fled the Planet Jakku in a newly acquired Millennium Falcon after their first option of transport was destroyed…

The various visual breakdowns from this scene was produced by in IMAX filming, while the physical production was done in Abu Dhabi- UAE, with the first scene shots of the explosions, with green screen elements then later filled in with massive immersive CGI and digital matted paintings in digital marked out has the following chased sequences are framed then flesh out. As the visual effects applied in sequences by sequence as the Millennium Falcon trying to elude intelligently, escape from a squadron of Tie fighters…

WORLD OF WARCRAFT | Reliving Warcraft- the ILM Visual effects ………………….


As Weta workshop did the awesome spectacular for the Hobbit also the Lord of the Rings Trilogies in enriching the stories lines with immersive visual effects so to flesh out the story-lines of the vital scenes that play important aspects of the production.. So as the team at ILM – Light Industrial and Magic has done so on a massive experimental level… Pushing those visual effects boundaries so when you’ve watching the film itself you’ve in that world completely within partaking in those stories…..

“Warcraft” based on “Blizzard Entertainment’s world of Warcraft” in which takes you through one off the most popular MMORPG of many besides Star trek online and Star wars the old republic…..As Warcraft takes us into that world in between the Humans and the Orcs whom world is in desolation with famine and in need of further food and resources as theirs are exhausted to survive through not least that a few seasons.. As they begin one whom is alone Orc and his family is challenging that survival by force.. As they also tries to struggle to survive in the realm of Azeroth.. Also challenge by humans whom fear what the orc expansion onto their lands whether it’s for peace or an all-out war between the two civilizations…  It has many characters in Azeroth whom strives for many things..