#StarWars | #Stardust #StarWarsRebels Highlighting from season one to three- the story of the Ghost that will lead to the Death Star Plans on Scarif..


As the building up to A Star Wars Story-Rouge one also towards A New Hope is the story of a group of individuals whom band together as part of a formidable Alliance that will eventually collapsed the Imperial, Galactic Empire in which within the follow five years following in which one part the story that leaded to the Rouge one is which the story of the Ghost and its Crew –Star Wars Rebels in which how their story lead from Lothal…..  To the battlements to the planet Scarif in which to assist the Team Jyn Erso in attempting to obtain the plans of the Death Star in an interesting way.. in which later in the storylines of the crew of the Ghost was to help to establish a base for the Alliance in which was latterly founded in Yavin IV..

The storyline of the Ghost starts with growth of has Ezra Bridger – Taylor Gary  grown into the person that’s he into also the new family that belongs too as he tries to find his parents or what happened to them..  As the series grows we get the see the behind the scenes of how the Rebellion grows and unites within assembling of the multiples of factions of rebel cells in one collective caused also from a help from the insider a person name Fulcrum whom appears to be Alexsandr Kallus-David Oyelowo ( Danny Hunter-BBC Spooks) …

As the rebellion grows they obtain, the counter rightfully fighter vehicles in order to counter Imperial forces to battlement in a guerrilla type warfare to weaken the Imperial forces on a massive scale season four in which set to screen on 16th October 2017 will be the final installment in which takes them to a new dangerous level on Lothal in it takes them towards the A Star Wars Story –Rogue to the place on assisting to recovery plans of the Death Star on Scarif..

#STARWARS #ROGUEONE | #BATTLEFRONT – Club Med Planet Scarif -over run by Stormtroopers with working visas…..

As the Build up towards “Star Wars- Rogue one” on the 15th December 2016 in Hong Kong, also in that build up is the “Star Wars-Battlefront”   6th December 2016….  in which season pass Owners gets to experience  battling  on a critical moment in the film as the formed Rebellion gathers up in trying to obtain the plans of the terrible weapon, The Death Star… During one scene in this critical moment is the Tropical world, of Scarif, in which is like Cub Med that’s been overrun, over stayed  by working visa, gate crashing Imperials, whom desperately tries to stop plans of the Death Star in been Procured, by Team Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones vs Orson Krennic- Ben Mendesohn.. As you experience their life story in between the first and the second trilogies..  With new weapons, new vehicles, also star cards from the film… battling the critical scenes in four maps as seen in the movie…

STAR WARS- #BATTLEFRONT | Death Star Game play – the trailer- it’s that trench run ………….



Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi “……………….The Force will be with you, always………”

Coming soon on this September 2016, for season pass holders is the expansion pack for “Star Wars Battlefront”  is one of the long awaited expansion packs  is the storyline of the Death Star Trench run.. That if you remember long back in the mid eighty’s with the ray tracing arcade version of that iconic moment in the second trilogy..  As part of the expansion of the storyline maps of five, in space and on ground is taking on with your Advance modified Red Five Luke Skywalker’s  X-Wing as you battle it out among others in the Trench run to shove a proton torpedo in that slightly small Death Star’s Exhaust tunneling..  as you evade the various onslaught of barracking walls of Tie Fighters that’s heading you way.. also you get to play on the opposing side, as you take, relive Darth Vader moments in Tie Advance fighter.. to destroy the Death Star..

On ground it’s with two extra bonus weapons that’s with the expansion pack is with the new K-16 Bryar Pistol or the TL-50t Heavy Reapter so take your weapons poison of choice.. as you adventure with the two new characters within the storyline map or with your favorite huggable Wookie Chewbacca or the infamous fearsome Bounty Hunter Bossk…  The expansion pack is available for PC, PS4, also Xbox One..


STAR WARS- #THEFORCEAWAKENS | ILMFX- Visual effects is also part of the emotional visual storytelling…

“LUCAS FILMS – ILMFX” have always been one of the few leaders in development of crafting special visual effects, from the very ground up in when their awarding winning hallmark benchmark is experimentation’s with “Star Wars” in when development the visual component of storytelling of capturing us in that story world of immersion beside in musical score that brings out the emotional voice of the words that lies within the pages of storyboard screenplay..

In this feature it demonstrates that storytelling in visually in the recent trilogic saga of Star Wars of “The Force Awakens” having taking notes from the very ground up, breaking bounds of going back to that 1975 beginnings in relearning of creating with today’s, graphically visual technologies in creating layering of various layering of animations in post-production taking from the green/blue screen footage in combining with collaboration partners Hybride, Base FX and Virtuos.  Those footage scenes at ILM Studios in San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver to London… likes of the battled savage lands of Jakku to planet size Death Star- Star Killer..


STAR WARS- STORY- |Kylo Ren reacts to Rogue one…….” Who is this girl……?”



“Are you with me…? May the force be with us…? “…………..Jyn Erso… Daisy Ridley

Who is this girl, in this “Star Wars Story- Rogue one” Trailer in which Kylo Ren ( Ben Solo) Reacts to the latest Trailer whom steals the data tapes of the plans to the first Death Star and questions where the Boffins in that was mention in The New Hope Episode……. as Mon Mothma mention in many Boffins die as she briefing the team as they went the go ahead to that trench run to the weakness point in the Death Star Mark one…

Kylo kind found a little light in him giving also believes had the Rebel Alliance surface to air missiles that was used on the planet Jedha that was used on the counter imperial incursions on the AT-AT Walker, the rebels would have won in fighting the fight.. Then someone in end appears with all that red graphically neon……” Grandfather.. Who is playing Grandfather.. is that Haydn OMG it’s Haydn?’ then he gets all excited in a rage lightsabering the console.. brilliantly done by the Auralnuts