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Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi “……………….The Force will be with you, always………”

Coming soon on this September 2016, for season pass holders is the expansion pack for “Star Wars Battlefront”  is one of the long awaited expansion packs  is the storyline of the Death Star Trench run.. That if you remember long back in the mid eighty’s with the ray tracing arcade version of that iconic moment in the second trilogy..  As part of the expansion of the storyline maps of five, in space and on ground is taking on with your Advance modified Red Five Luke Skywalker’s  X-Wing as you battle it out among others in the Trench run to shove a proton torpedo in that slightly small Death Star’s Exhaust tunneling..  as you evade the various onslaught of barracking walls of Tie Fighters that’s heading you way.. also you get to play on the opposing side, as you take, relive Darth Vader moments in Tie Advance fighter.. to destroy the Death Star..

On ground it’s with two extra bonus weapons that’s with the expansion pack is with the new K-16 Bryar Pistol or the TL-50t Heavy Reapter so take your weapons poison of choice.. as you adventure with the two new characters within the storyline map or with your favorite huggable Wookie Chewbacca or the infamous fearsome Bounty Hunter Bossk…  The expansion pack is available for PC, PS4, also Xbox One..


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