#STARWARS #BATTLEFRONT2 | Official Starfighter Assault Gameplay Trailer…..


Star Wars – Battlefront II, as will be release in the 17th November 2017 month… In which will emphasis on the intricate intense  Spatial star fighter battles  moments of the all of the three trilogies… as given if you purchase the  Elite Trooper Deluxe, you’ll have an early access on the …..14 November 2017…. With other bonus in with a three day head start in also with an upgrades on four trooper classes in instant weapons unlocks with modifications…. As the bonus continues you’ll have access to Rey and Kylo thematic looks by the last Jedi with Modifiers also epic vehicle modifications to the Millennium Falcon…..

As more of the Star fighter storylines battles you engage into the Unknown regions, battlements with the Resurgent Star Destroyers, with the aftermath of the Endor flying through the Death Star Debris fields, to the Fondor- Imperial Shipyard, towards the Ryloth- Luchehulk Battleship…  Back to Darth Maul’s storyline with Kamino- research outpost, In each of various vehicles used during the three Trilogies you’ll live throughout the storylines of the characters also the vehicles themselves also Battlefront two might provide what’s to come for “The Last Jedi” in which Battlefront two is the storyline based after the destruction of the second Death Star over the Moon Endor as you live through an Elite Trooper from the Inferno Squad as Iden Versio … Among  with other key characters form the three trilogies..

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC- Trailer best played in 1080HD with the sound turn up..


#STARWARS | #BATTLEFRONT2 – Intensive trilogic episodic gameplay trailer…


As Star Wars eight – The Last Jedi screens out in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong on 15th December 2017….. So it’s intensive immersive game version Star Wars Battlefront Two,  in which takes on all the three trilogies of the Star Wars Franchise from the battlegrounds of Naboo of episode one towards all the way towards upcoming episode Eight with additions of storylines of you either siding with the Rebellion or the Imperial forces..

As Battlefront takes up more of the outline of the episode storylines also it’s worlds with assortment of characters within the three trilogies Also various vehicles  … you’ll get to interplay with another female elite Stormtrooper protagonist- antagonist depending which side you’re on in which the female character that you storyline with her in Inferno Squad a tie in novel for the game also her storyline follows inwardly of the Galactic Empire Titular Squad in which was a squad that tries to exterminately seeks out Saw Gerrera’s cell in the events that conclude towards Rouge one on Scarif …

There’s more storyline content than to the Battlefront two, in which Battlefront one storyline only develops into a few strong stories that leading up in between Hoth, Endor, Tatoonine, Sullust, also the storyline in preceding after the battle of Endor in which  the conflict roll out onto Jakku..

Star Wars Battlefront two developed by Lucas-films  EA Dice, in collaboration with Electronic Arts, Criterion Games also Motive studios. With free DLC – Downloadable content with the Frostbite Game Engine the game Genre is a single to multiplayer in between a first to third person shooter in with slight character customisation ..Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
Release Date: November 17, 2017

#MASSEFFECT – ANDROMEDA | Join the initiative – beyond the homeward Milky way Galaxy…

She awakens; she raises with as her ship the Tempest wakes up to… With one deep awaken breath air… “We made it… “

“Mass Effect- Andromeda” is coming soon on spring 2017, in which The Andromeda Initiative in which fan of the Mass Effect have been invited to this initiative is for the testing, orientation phase in which begins on 7th November 2016, to see what the outlook, feel, experience after Commander Shepard’s storyline… as the game begins to take shape in beyond the Home Galaxy, The Milky Way.. as Andromeda is widely awaited for since 2015,  to explore the nearest Galaxy from our own..

As you can see here two officers in N7 environmental battle armoured suites, making ways on the moon Luna paying their respects to whom the crew of Apollo 11 -20th July 1969 explored long time before them in taking  those first steps into an adventurously curiosity unknown as they see the very first foot prints on the moon, on the sea of ttranquilitywith the Eagle Luna Lander..

Has this invitation begins, you’ll be given Orientations missions in getting to know your environments in between your chosen character, or characters, female or male characters of Ryder,  with training as you become familiar with the eenvironmentals you’re in your new world Galaxy.. as this story is after Commander Shepard’s  in which takes you. This time is establishing home for humanity in the Andromeda after a long warring years with the reapers… In which has taken its toll in a torn up galaxy the Milk Way

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Coming Spring 2017 to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One

STAR WARS- #BATTLEFRONT | Death Star Game play – the trailer- it’s that trench run ………….



Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi “……………….The Force will be with you, always………”

Coming soon on this September 2016, for season pass holders is the expansion pack for “Star Wars Battlefront”  is one of the long awaited expansion packs  is the storyline of the Death Star Trench run.. That if you remember long back in the mid eighty’s with the ray tracing arcade version of that iconic moment in the second trilogy..  As part of the expansion of the storyline maps of five, in space and on ground is taking on with your Advance modified Red Five Luke Skywalker’s  X-Wing as you battle it out among others in the Trench run to shove a proton torpedo in that slightly small Death Star’s Exhaust tunneling..  as you evade the various onslaught of barracking walls of Tie Fighters that’s heading you way.. also you get to play on the opposing side, as you take, relive Darth Vader moments in Tie Advance fighter.. to destroy the Death Star..

On ground it’s with two extra bonus weapons that’s with the expansion pack is with the new K-16 Bryar Pistol or the TL-50t Heavy Reapter so take your weapons poison of choice.. as you adventure with the two new characters within the storyline map or with your favorite huggable Wookie Chewbacca or the infamous fearsome Bounty Hunter Bossk…  The expansion pack is available for PC, PS4, also Xbox One..


STAR TREK ONLINE | the Console version is now available online…

“Star trek Online” the console version is now online available free to play on” Xbox one”, “PlayStation four” with  the following regions of North America,  then covering Onwardly covering Europe in the next following days.. Once you enlist yourself as a captain then onwards then creating you from the newly established redefine user interface that accustoms towards in between the two console interface you experience through the story training sessions of your chosen factions in Federation, Klingon or Roluman…  With you selective starter ship as you adventuring learn on the go with the tuition…  also its best to link your account with Arc- Perfect world so you can gain starter exclusive box packages that includes various ships, uniforms…..

 Star Trek Online Console an interesting multiple integrated transition between from PC gaming to Microsoft Xbox one also Sony’s PlayStation four.. In which get to explore the same MMORPG free to play model environment as the PC gaming does with the same gaming intensiveness in creating  their own captain, bridge, away team crew also building up there command of ships as they leveling progress into their story into experiencing  their journey..  As you adventure your crew, away team, your ship of what three factions as you decide to Federation, Klingon, or Roluman republic as you adventure along with the mission episodes with the Ship that you adventure with as you explore the Galaxy, with the actual cast from Star Trek The Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, also Voyager with Jeri Ryan- Annika Hansen- Seven of Nine, Tim Russ- Admiral Voyager.. Also experience all the expansions, from Delta Rising, to the agents of Yesterday…

Developing the console the people at Cryptic-perfect world had to start from scratch in rebuilding the user interface for the console experience…  in where the console user get to have the same online experience as the PC users always has been……Being on Console, Star Trek Online, a MMORPG- massively multiplayer online role playing game- Cryptic-Perfect world in order to get that console environmental experiences means bringing the gaming environments lighting up to date to bring that extra level of realistic immersion that you’re in there, as you can see within the PC version that’s has already happen with the increase of ultra-detailing in the texturing that’s with you, creating you, your character… As they bring in HDR lighting, cluster forward rendering, also light probes to give the environments experience to bring it up to date with today’s current graphical hardware…