STAR TREK ONLINE –STARFISH1 | #STARTREKONLINE – USS Horizons- thriller Halloween special

Today its 31 October 2016, also it’s Halloween for the USS Horizon… also Dale is currently on an away mission in where contacting on the USS Horizon seeming impossible due to some interference, in which originated from the planet below that he’s flying pass by, he currently lands his shuttle to investigate, and neutralized the source of the interference’s, little that he knows that, he during re-entry he was landing on a Borg infected planet..

Once landed Dale neutralized some of the recently arrived inhabitants, the Borg, also the sources of the jamming of his signal, once done he begins to reestablish contact with his ship, as he roams around curious around  the planet studying its pre Borg past, he stumbles something of more threatening in nature than Borg.. Zombies.. Having trying to fire apond them to no effect he runs, in finding a nearest console to reestablish contact with the ship… Then something among the Zombies take shape.. they begins to dance” Michael Jackson- Thriller”… done produced by” Moments of future” then having no to this he notices this isn’t the combat simulator he programmed in the Holo Deck..  He begins to end the program then a program within a program occurred..

StarFish1 production of the this clip was done using  Cryptic Studio’s MMO “Star Trek Online” using the Demorecord feature and STO’s ‘The Foundry’ mission creator, also wonder how you can get your zombies created.?

STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating on console.

STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating also on console. Xbox one and PlayStation four.....
STAR TREK ONLINE | #STO #infographics with some interesting facts on its amazing sixth year anniversary celebrating also on console. Xbox one and PlayStation four…..

” Having Star Trek Online going from PC towards two other platforms also Xbox one, also PlayStation four with the same rich storylines contents.. it’s been growing…. ” 

With the Sixth year Anniversary of “Star Trek Online” with going from towards free to play, in which so it’s going from strength to strength.. From the get go from, the game has grown innovatively, and creatively with the abundances of connecting all the Star Trek Series, from Enterprise, The Original Series,  The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine… then having the online game transitioning from PC, towards transitioning onto two other platforms onto Xbox one, also PlayStation four..

From Console of PlayStation four, also Xbox one the get go, there’s been one point one million captains, mostly reds- Tactical, then yellow-Engineering also blue-Science with some interesting faction demographics of more of majority is Starfleet, followed by Klingon’s then Rolumans.

With Bridge officers of 2.7 Million in majority is Tactical, following wise of Engineering, Science, along with various of 119 variants of Starships types selections to choose for in your drydock or shipyard…. In regarding to console fleets there been 1,617 Fleets in service currently growing in tandem with the PC platform…… as the Star Trek Online Platform is well establish and growing, in same wise for console..

STAR TREK ONLINE –ZEFLIMS | #STARTREKONLINE – Fresh out of space dock- revamping the Sovereign Class

In the latest progression of “Star Trek online” is the revamp remodeling on Star Ships texturing, from the Galaxy, the Star-Odyssey, the Steamrunner class, now it’s the Sovereign class with a newly re-texturing with even more detailing to the hulling details like the movie version with even more of the metallic tactile detailing finishing to  the ship as to when you look at the primary shuttle hanger on the saucer section it has more of the interior lighting inside where you can look into the main hanger control room, or hall..  The re texturing work was done by developer Cryptic Dev JamJamz., whose work is very well brilliant received,  “Zefilms” footage was done and captured on Tribble test server as it’s currently is tested by the testing community before it making final texturing onto the Holodeck servers..

STAR TREK ONLINE | the Console version is now available online…

“Star trek Online” the console version is now online available free to play on” Xbox one”, “PlayStation four” with  the following regions of North America,  then covering Onwardly covering Europe in the next following days.. Once you enlist yourself as a captain then onwards then creating you from the newly established redefine user interface that accustoms towards in between the two console interface you experience through the story training sessions of your chosen factions in Federation, Klingon or Roluman…  With you selective starter ship as you adventuring learn on the go with the tuition…  also its best to link your account with Arc- Perfect world so you can gain starter exclusive box packages that includes various ships, uniforms…..

 Star Trek Online Console an interesting multiple integrated transition between from PC gaming to Microsoft Xbox one also Sony’s PlayStation four.. In which get to explore the same MMORPG free to play model environment as the PC gaming does with the same gaming intensiveness in creating  their own captain, bridge, away team crew also building up there command of ships as they leveling progress into their story into experiencing  their journey..  As you adventure your crew, away team, your ship of what three factions as you decide to Federation, Klingon, or Roluman republic as you adventure along with the mission episodes with the Ship that you adventure with as you explore the Galaxy, with the actual cast from Star Trek The Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, also Voyager with Jeri Ryan- Annika Hansen- Seven of Nine, Tim Russ- Admiral Voyager.. Also experience all the expansions, from Delta Rising, to the agents of Yesterday…

Developing the console the people at Cryptic-perfect world had to start from scratch in rebuilding the user interface for the console experience…  in where the console user get to have the same online experience as the PC users always has been……Being on Console, Star Trek Online, a MMORPG- massively multiplayer online role playing game- Cryptic-Perfect world in order to get that console environmental experiences means bringing the gaming environments lighting up to date to bring that extra level of realistic immersion that you’re in there, as you can see within the PC version that’s has already happen with the increase of ultra-detailing in the texturing that’s with you, creating you, your character… As they bring in HDR lighting, cluster forward rendering, also light probes to give the environments experience to bring it up to date with today’s current graphical hardware…


STAR TREK ONLINE | the federation flagships… The Star Cruisers the next Odyssey – an outline…

Star Trek online- the flagship- Star Cruisers the next odyssey retrofit..


As Star trek online, is on its awarding sixth year anniversary, celebrating those years previously there was a ship in construction in drydock in Utopia Planitia Fleet yards orbiting around the Planet Mars….. Building that first Odyssey Class 1.2 Kilometers long Starship and a more in service, in that drydock one name stands out above the rest it’s the USS Enterprise F the seventh ship to bear that flagship name..

It’s now been, a few years.. There, been massive development in retrofitting the Odyssey class, also it’s variants.. Now categories in its own as “The Federation Flagship or the Star Cruiser Variants” in which brings out the best in the Odyssey Class and its variant… there are three Star Cruisers variants, the Sojourner-Operations, The Yorktown -Science, and The Endeavour- Tactical.. all comes with its interesting abilities.. All have a plus five power at all levels, so any warp core variants would do the trick, in providing that extra capacitance power to from all systems..  the basic Hulling is at level 50 is  49,162, when at levels 60 in basic hulling increase to 57,000 that will also change as your tuning and tweaking of your ship due to your abilities skill set provides in what modifications that might be.. Also the three variants comes with a Lieutenant Commander Universal/ Command specialist Bridge officer seating..

As this is an outline of the three variants of the Star Cruisers each will be reviewed each of the variants have different abilities..

star trek online _ Sojourner.. Operation …

The Sojourner, an operations ship.. is very heavy in engineering ship.. it has more Universal Bridge officer stations seating in regards to the Engineering .. so with five Engineering consoles, you can add more hulling to your ship.. its Universal Console is Adaptive Emergency Systems..

star trek online_ Yorktown..Science

The Yorktown Science.. It’s more science and engineering centric with four science consoles, with more science bridge stations seating in which you can maximized your shielding and hulling at the same time while still concentrate on fire power..  Its universal console is Dampening wave emitter..

star trek online_ Endeavour _Tactical..

The Endeavour – Tactical.. The four tactical console shows its tactical centric notion it means business.. As it features more Tactical bridge stations seating… as with four Tactical and Engineering..  Featuring a universal console the Flagship Tactical Computer..

In a way, it’s best to get the three so you try out and fits what’s best to your skillset and abilities, also the extra universal consoles that it provides you with an extra advantage..