#StarTrekOnline #StarTrekDiscovery #星際迷航發現 | #AgeOfDiscovery #MirrorofDiscovery – #MageeClass #ShranClass – #LightpilotEscorts … It’s a small dangerously ship…….

During the Star Trek Discovery Star Trek Online –Age of Discovery-Mirror of Discovery, in which towards the Battle of Binary Stars in which precursor towards the Klingon War there was numerous classes of Starships present one was the Magee class, a small light Escort Class with an internal twin warp nacelles integrated into a saucer hull section…  In which is very closely towards the Sabre class Light Escort…  in which is very closely design like the Saber, Defiant class small with integrated warp nacelles into the saucer primary section of the ship..

Given the design look of the Magee-Shran Class it’s seems its design as a landing vessel for terrain operations with its design in nature, in which is suited as a multiple role vessel small, compact , just land also getting the mission done… then warp right out..

Design wise Translating from the Magee class towards the Sharn, in which named wise is inspired by the first Andorians. General Thy’lek Sharn of the Andorian Imperial Guard that co-founded the United Federation of Planets…..

The Magee-Shran class features five forward and two rear weapons consoles in which makes it a torpedo and dual cannon vessel but in design wise it’s also effective with beam array weapons in which the design of the ship has a massive turn rate in which allow the vessel rotate it’s beam array arcs to hit the opponent effectively in which it has plus fifteen power to weapons also plus five to engines in which a recommend engines to weapons warp core is required basically it’s an tactical ship.. in which it’s console modifications  4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science (scales with level) in which the bridge officers station seating arrangement gives that indication … The Light escort is in the class series of Pilot class series In which Captain Tom Paris likes to fly around in which Pilot escorts was introduce into the fleet…..

The Magee-Sharn Class features an Universal Console –Graviton Displacer it’s a short range weapons array in which pulling your opponent ships towards the center of the beam inflicting your opponents with massive amounts of kinetic damage also losing all sensory on you position leaving them blind for a while till you make you next move and attack in which help you hull penetration in your targets ship.. However this attack will make your ship’s turn rate slower…..  Once you’ve complete the trait system of the Magee-Sharn Class its trait is Strike from the Shadows…  among other Experimental weapons is the Hypercharged Field projector in which sending out electrical beam towards your opponents in which is inescapable but it’s effectiveness is reduced due to longer range..

Magee-Sharn light Pilot Escort –Tier six specifications –via Star trek online

Tier: 6

Faction: Starfleet and Starfleet Allies

Required Rank: Must complete the Tutorial

Hull Modifier: .95 (scales with level)

Shield Modifier: .80

Fore Weapons: 4 (scales with level)

Aft Weapons: 2 (scales with level)

Device Slots: 2

Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Commander Tactical/Pilot, 2 Lieutenant Commander Universal, 1 Lieutenant Universal/Pilot, 1 Ensign Universal

Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science (scales with level)

Base Turn Rate: 21 degrees per second

Impulse Modifier: 0.23

Inertia: 80

+15 Power to Weapons, +5 Power to Engines

Pilot Maneuvers

Can Load Dual Cannons

Console – Universal – Graviton Displacer

Experimental Weapon Slot, equipped with Hypercharged Field Projector

Starship Mastery Package (Raider)

Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)

Tactical Maneuvering (+Defense)

Enhanced Weapon Systems (+All Damage)

Enhanced Weapon Banks (+Crit Severity)

Strike from Shadows (Starship Trait)

#StarTrekOnline #Emergence | Season 14 featuring @levarburton ‘s Captain Gerodi La Forge ….


Today is the 3rd October 2017, is the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival , in which also its season 14 on Star Trek Online, in which is a story arc from season 13.5 from Escalation featuring the return of the storyline of General Martok- J.G. Hertzler  whom survived after doing a prison break in  the most Klingon way..  In which was an interesting intense episode in having to break out jail with him… Also is returning-reprising is Captain Gerodi La Forge – Levar Burton of the USS Challenger as seen also worked with on with an incident that happen nearby the Nexus that was noticed on from Star Trek –Generations..

During season 14, within the chapters Emergence… is the storyline with the collaborations with the Lukari also Tentari alliances… in building new installations on a habitable colony in hope that will reunify their civilization together, one episode “Melting pot” prequel towards season 13.5 also now 14.. As the combining two civilizations together, as the collaborative work together, also there research of proto-matter in which was storyline in Star Trek-Wrath of Khan- The Search for Spock with the Genesis device that denoted a rapid manned made birth and decline of a planet in the Mutara Nebula….  During that time progressively development of Proto-matter devices and technology is most guarded from the Tzenkethi whom seek only for its destructive nature with multiple red alerts in team..

During season 14, fleets are given the opportunism to build a fleet colony based on the founded collaborative planet in various Tiers levels with leveling up holdings in which gain with rewards also a unique Tier six ship… As Season 14 is also a new specialization, Miracle Worker Specialization, in which give you specializations as Scotty, Gerodi also O’Brien abilities that will vantage you during combat as to your team…

#StarTrekOnline | The #HestiaClass- Advanced Escort… watch out Defiant – A Summary…….


Given that you had a Defiant Class, then this might be your next vessel, it’s “The Hestia Class” it’s something more than the Defiant class, as an Advanced Escort to go from…  orthough its larger in size but more capable of doing more damage with an increase of hulling with more stations and consoles it features with additional Commander Engineering/ Command Specialist Seat..

The Hestia Class, is the successor to the Prometheus Class and it’s variants as to the Phoenix also to the Cerberus.. The Hestia Class is an interesting ship, even though it’s a multi vector assault vessel, splitting three ways to attack and opponent, like in case with the Galaxy, Odyssey class variants.  The look of the Hestia is a akin but with a slightly large modifications of Star Trek Renegades, Icarus in which gives the Icarus edge kick ass with a very small crew, despite of a crew of 150 on the Hestia…

The Advanced Escort is also a MVAM – Multi Vector Attack Mode Starship in which it can attack a opponent in three parts like the Star-Odyssey Class- long range exploration Vessels like the alike Galaxy class- its Dreadnought variant also…. Apart from that its basically a cannon turret torpedo ship as that its ship systems baseline gives you more power to weapons… It comes with ship wide traits, such as, its Universal console – High Energy Plasma Expulses, in which vents a plasma then fire like the manstrom consoles, the Riker Manoeuvre, with increase in damages as you used the Command bridge officer seating with a boost to you weapons power briefly…………

#StarTrekOnline | Fleet Arbiter class battle cruiser- smaller but it kicks more- A Summary…..!

“…….The Arbiter Class can be describe ….In tactical she very stealthy with a cloak  wearing a deadly pencil dress with a sniper assassin attributes with rapid hulling and shielding regeneration  abilities ….”

As previously Iconian war begins in season ten that war has concluded, in that time new Starships are constructed with different abilities to counter the Iconians.  There’s one class is in which Is built from the Avenger Battlecruiser Class … in this the” Arbiter is constructed, It’s longer but has the look of a much more heavy look of a regent class cruiser.. With an Odyssey neck hull line with fashionably more tanking look to it…

Orthough it maybe a little more longer than the standard Avenger Class, the style of this medium size battle cruiser can pack a punch. Or lots of it as it’s capable of doing a lot of damage with a stronger heavier hulling…. The Design aspects of this is akin to the Regent Class Cruiser with its pencil dress likeness.. That comes with more feminine lines…  Effectively the Arbiter class battle cruiser with a forwarding hanger in the saucer section also in the turtle neck hidden hull that could do with your operational needs.. In tactical she very stealthy with a cloak  in a deadly pencil dress with a sniper assassin attributes with rapid hulling and shielding regeneration  with abilities ….  The Variable Auto- Targeting Armament added it deadly manoeuvres in which increase your turn rate also weapons damages…

#EVEONLINE | #Concord – the police pacifier frigate it’s redesigning process…


As the gaming graphically platform technology increase so does the immersive of gaming as well of increasing that extra details layer of realism as Eve Online, an immersive intensive MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online role playing game..  in which premise is set out in the galaxy with massive economically intense Eco-system where crafting, mining as commerce to build as like in the real world in which gives you an extra set of skillsets..

As the game engine graphical technologies , also its  play improves so does the redesign processes of starships within game as well to in this case CCP- Acid Burn also Casper, goes through many draft designs in redesigning the Concord, a Police Enforcement frigate… In which going through many redesigns concepts… in which later figuring ones that work out in numbering it down with digital 3D modelling in which keeping the original hallmarks of the original inwardly exploring with the new redesign of the Concord with  several modules applications of the utilizing in what it function of the ship contains within