#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 | #StarTrek #星際迷航 #June2021 | #格里森 #GrissomClass #LightScienceVessel that youngest sister of that Mysterious Science High School girl #OberthClass who was you lab partner that taught you science…

On the month of June 2021星際迷航在線Star Trek Online it was the release launch of the youngest sister of that High School girl that your lab partner taught you science in which was the Oberth Class now it the youngest sister the Grissom Class. The Grissom Class is relative size of least 150 -170 meters long in which due to the increase in size of the Grissom Class hulling size in which brings its sleek streamline Oberth design towards a bubble design…

The Name of the Grissom Class comes in name of the In this class, of its own, the light science vessel, first seen in the Star trek “the search for Spock” where the U.S.S Grissom NCC-638 does a routine science assignment to check the progressive development of the new form planet Genesis in the Mutara Nebula, located in Mutara sector. After the incident from the genocide of the crew of Regula one to obtain a proto-matter device naming Genesis…. Under the captaincy of Captain J.T. Esteban in with a small crew manifest …..

The featuring Grissom Class in name is inspired by Virgil Ivan “Gus” Grissom was a United States Air Force pilot and a member of the Mercury Seven selected by National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s as Project Mercury astronauts to be the first Americans in outer space. He was a Project Gemini and an Apollo program astronaut…..

The Grissom class design of this quintessential science vessel has finally been updated for the modern era, while maintaining as many of the unconventional charms of its original design as was possible. From the sensitive sensor equipment housed in its semi-detached lower mission pod, to the tightly packed and heavily-shielded warp nacelles, this updated design has inherited many of the unique benefits of its famed lineage, while also benefiting from the enhanced engineering standards present on Federation vessels of the early-25th century. This upgraded design has been named after the ill-fated science vessel responsible for surveying the equally ill-fated Genesis Planet, which bore the design of the original Oberth-class into some measure of note…

Featuring as your first of most as your lab partner at high school that you science in featuring USS Pegasus abilities…. which was originally tested aboard the U.S.S. Pegasus. It is capable of forming a thin membrane of phased space just beyond the ship’s deflector shields. This envelope negates the physical properties of hostile sources of physical and kinetic damage that attempt to pass through it, by forcing them to phase out of normal space…..  in which basically she’s a Science girl featuring with a slight engineering hidden side to her in which explains mostly  two Tactical, four Engineering, four Science (scales with level)… with bridge stations One  Lieutenant Tactical, One Lieutenant Commander Engineering, One Lieutenant Commander Science, One Commander Science / Temporal Operative, One Ensign Universal….

The Grissom Class is pretty agile in which makes her very effective in defensive and countering attacking in with beam and torpedoes ,  Turrets- Torpedoes, Single Cannon with dual beam with torpedo with rear turrets  of unitizing three forwards and after weapons console assembly.. In which attacking in a moderate velocity with an effective use of periodically Evasive Maneuvers to assist your weapons recharge also its best to install the fleet variant of the Engines to Weapons warp core in which saving your shields and Auxiliary power distribution capacities onboard..

Among featuring Universal consoles and traits. – Console – Universal – Phased-Space Membrane-This technology was adapted from scrapped technology found amidst classified documentation, which was originally tested aboard the U.S.S. Pegasus. It is capable of forming a thin membrane of phased space just beyond the ship’s deflector shields. This envelope negates the physical properties of hostile sources of physical and kinetic damage that attempt to pass through it, by forcing them to phase out of normal space. Hostile energy is also affected, but the field takes time to charge-up in order to have an impact. Simultaneously, the field can also charge-up over time to bestow benefits on the ship’s outgoing torpedo weapons.

This experimental technology draws a great deal of power from the ship’s Auxiliary Subsystem while active, and will turn off automatically if that subsystem is drained to zero, or goes offline. Manually enhancing the ship’s Auxiliary Subsystem while the field is being generated (such as using Batteries) can allow it to be maintained longer.

This console also provides a passive bonus to Power Transfer Rate, and Shield Hardness.

Starship Trait – By The Book…. Activating Bridge Officer Abilities that create Anomalies, or any Temporal Bridge Officer Ability, will extend the duration of all of your active Bridge Officer Anomalies by 2 seconds. This cannot extend any Anomaly’s duration beyond double its original value.

Bridge Officer Anomalies include: Gravity Well, Tyken’s Rift, Subspace Vortex, Ionic Turbulence, Timeline Collapse, Chronometric Inversion Field, and Very Cold in Space.

Grissom Light Science Vessel- via Star Trek Online.

Ship Details:

Tier: 6

Faction: Federation and Federation-Aligned

Required Rank: Must complete the Tutorial

Hull Modifier: 0.85

Shield Modifier: 1.4

Fore Weapons: 3

Aft Weapons: 3

Device Slots: 3

Bridge Officer Stations: 1x Lieutenant Tactical, 1x Lieutenant Commander Engineering, 1x Lieutenant Commander Science, 1x Commander Science / Temporal Operative, 1x Ensign Universal

Consoles: 2 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 4 Science (scales with level)

Base Turn Rate: 13

Impulse Modifier: 0.15

Inertia: 50

+5 Shield Power, +15 Auxiliary Power

Console – Universal – Phased-Space Membrane

Secondary Deflector Slot

Subsystem Targeting

Sensor Analysis

“Molecular Reconstruction” Abilities

Starship Mastery Package (Science Vessel)

Enhanced Particle Generators (+Exotic Damage)

Advanced Shield Systems (+Shield HP)

Enhanced Restorative Circuitry (+Healing)

Reactive Shield Technology (+Shield Regen/Hardness)

By The Book (Starship Trait)

#StarTrekOnline #星際迷航在線 | #StarTrek #星際迷航 #April2021 | #奧伯特 #OberthClass #LightScienceVessel revisiting that Mysterious Science High School girl whom was you lab partner that taught you science ..

In this class, of its own, the light science vessel, first seen in the Star trek “the search for Spock” where the U.S.S Grissom NCC-638 does a routine science assignment to check the progressive development of the new form planet Genesis in the Mutara Nebula, located in Mutara sector. After the incident from the genocide of the crew of Regula one to obtain a proto-matter device naming Genesis.

Given that your discipline is science this is the introductory Oberth class, this is the next step up on your current rank of Lieutenant. This class of ship gives more abilities and upgrades from your first girl- Miranda Shikar Centaur that gave you, adventuring, learning plus letting herself for you to getting to know her.

The Oberth class, is an interesting class, it’s a few that’s doesn’t get to actively flown around in, even though it has more abilities than to the starter ship classes. Thinking it’s maybe due to the lack of fashionably changes to it, it’s comes with a standard one piece suit or school uniform, the standard pencil skirt, the two button blazer, providing it comes with a standard chemise, blouse top, but with pumps instead of wearing boots or heels. But what she does come with is an array of interesting features, more so than the girl you’ve just met — Miranda Shikar Centaur. Oberth, you intriguing lab partner does come with a lab coat of abilities with a standard hull rating of 10,000, but with a shield modifier of 1.2, non on the starter ship, but with and interesting standard turn rate of thirteen degrees per second. but you two could go shopping later in changing how her liveries colours on her lab coat and her standard suit, the various bridges module designs aswell too.

What interesting to know, that she’ll give you some interesting notes to share with you, which – Miranda Shikar Centaur and other light classes doesn’t share note with you. Notes she’ll will share with you of how to plus 10% Hull Strength, 30% shield, 15 plus power to auxiliary able to Cloak detection, sensor Analysis, also to target subsystem. The Bridge seating is just the same as – Miranda Shikar Centaur, but the consoles are interesting it has one Engineering, two Science which is an advantage, one Tactical. But one universal console-Enhance plasma manifold, which gives you temporary powers and repairs to Auxiliary and shields systems, plus a plus five on Auxiliary power also.

Another  interesting thing is having a smaller class ship does have its advantages when in combat the size make maundering  interesting swifter than larger ones that will follow in your command relationships with other higher tier ship classes.  Which means flying in closely attacking and then flying out, for another round, instead of larger higher tier classes staying at a comfortable distances.

Oberth is an interesting ship, she has three console in which you could place different varies of batteries, such as small or large shields, weapons, engines, or auxiliaries in which you get an advantage, over the other Lieutenant grade ships, which only have two, but one of them has two tactical console, which could be an almost equal. Oberth has two forward weapons and one rear weapons slots. Orthough your lab partner-Oberth comes in standardly dress, but you shout here with some accessories, so she could kick ass with equip able weapons, such as accessories as canons, beam arrays, dual beam banks, turrets, torpedo and mine launcher of different energy and degrees.

Orthough when starting out from a knowing a girl name- Miranda Shikar Centaur then only knowing Oberth only in the lab and the library, she will teach how to survive a little more longer than the Lieutenant class ships than of escorts, and cruisers. From a point even when you’ve have parted, you’ll still remember her, that she’ll inspire you knowledgably intimately teaching the abilities than mixing all three, science, engineering, tactical together for a very long time.

Universal Console Enhance Plasma Manifold – the Light Science Vessel comes equipped with the [Console – Universal – Enhanced Plasma Manifold]. This universal console may be placed in any console slot and when activated provides a short-duration increase to auxiliary, engine, and shield power levels, as well as repairing disabled auxiliary, engine, and shield subsystems.

Sensor Analysis – Sensor Analysis is active toggle ability. While maintaining a Sensor Lock on a target, the ship gains stacking effects that either improves the damage and power drain against an enemy, or improves any heal directed towards an ally. This effect stacks every 3 seconds, to a maximum of 6 stacks after 18 continuous seconds. To maintain the desired effect, the ship must hold the sensor lock.

Tier one奧伯特 Oberth Class Light Science Vessel speficatoins via Star Trek Online..

Type: Science Vessel


Shield modifier:1.2

Turn rate:13

Impulse modifier:0.15

Inertia rating:50

Warp core: Matter-Antimatter

Bonus Power: +5 auxiliary powers

Bridge Officers: one of each tactical- operations – science

Weapons: two forward one rear

Device slots: two devices

Consoles: one tactical –one operation – two sciences

_Game Photography @KevinJamesNg  

#StarTrekOnline #VictoryIslife | The Advance Heavy Cruiser #Excelsior Class remastered refitted with new revisited texturing- A Gallery

The Advance Heavy Cruiser -Excelsior Class remastered refitted dressed in a Type eight dress hull texturing is in which brings out the blending the softer pastel colours…

On Star Trek Online, recently remastered –revisited the Excelsior Class also its variant have been update in which it hulling looks remarkable incredible detail toward the Transwarp USS Excelsior NX-2000, Excelsior Class that was seen in the third Star Trek Movie” Search for Spock” also its’ Hulling plating was used in the Star Trek VI “The Undiscovered Country” under the captaincy of Captain Hikaru Sulu – George Takei of the NCC-2000….

There’s been many Variants of the Excelsior class revisited, in which is the USS Enterprise B in which its retrofit with new sleeker engineering hull, warp nacelles, pylon saucer configuration… for heavy extensive mission specifications in which Captain Hikaru Sulu’s Daughter captain, Captain Demora Sulu-

The Advance Heavy Cruiser -Excelsior Class remastered refitted dressed in a type seven dress hulling texturing in which is like wearing a dark work dress …. Photographer @KevinJamesNg

The recent new revisited- remastered hulling was inspired by the works of Tobias Richter whom inspired other great, brilliant artistic works used in Star Trek Online in which one of his works was the retentions of the Excelsior Class with high detail articulate resolution Aztec panelling in which brings the ship alive realistically giving that metallic texturing..

As you customise your Advance Heavy Cruiser, at the Shipyards Customisation officer nearby, there’s also new Excelsior class engineering hull in which apart there’s like a dome arboretum at the back of the rear of the Engineering hull main hanger.. There’s a new Livery in which is the Class Transwarp NX-2000 Excelsior livery used in The Search for Spock, named Regula..  As new Hulling texturing goes there’s Excelsior NX with Type 8, Type 8b…

As when I began retailoring my tier six Excelsior-Resolute variant –Advance Heavy Cruiser.. In which typically going from the Highly detail Panelling of Type seven.. Coming across with switching Type eight or eight B… The look of the ship becomes softer with feminine tones, like dressing in a coral pastel coloured pallet wrap summery dress that type of feel of texturing… Rather than the previous Hulling types of before seven in which is like dressing in a dark metallic textured dress for work in the office…  in which I love the Coral pastel hull texturing which feels very summery adaptive with the softer pastel  colours tones when colour livery the ship..

#StarTrekOnline #Emergence | Season 14 featuring @levarburton ‘s Captain Gerodi La Forge ….


Today is the 3rd October 2017, is the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival , in which also its season 14 on Star Trek Online, in which is a story arc from season 13.5 from Escalation featuring the return of the storyline of General Martok- J.G. Hertzler  whom survived after doing a prison break in  the most Klingon way..  In which was an interesting intense episode in having to break out jail with him… Also is returning-reprising is Captain Gerodi La Forge – Levar Burton of the USS Challenger as seen also worked with on with an incident that happen nearby the Nexus that was noticed on from Star Trek –Generations..

During season 14, within the chapters Emergence… is the storyline with the collaborations with the Lukari also Tentari alliances… in building new installations on a habitable colony in hope that will reunify their civilization together, one episode “Melting pot” prequel towards season 13.5 also now 14.. As the combining two civilizations together, as the collaborative work together, also there research of proto-matter in which was storyline in Star Trek-Wrath of Khan- The Search for Spock with the Genesis device that denoted a rapid manned made birth and decline of a planet in the Mutara Nebula….  During that time progressively development of Proto-matter devices and technology is most guarded from the Tzenkethi whom seek only for its destructive nature with multiple red alerts in team..

During season 14, fleets are given the opportunism to build a fleet colony based on the founded collaborative planet in various Tiers levels with leveling up holdings in which gain with rewards also a unique Tier six ship… As Season 14 is also a new specialization, Miracle Worker Specialization, in which give you specializations as Scotty, Gerodi also O’Brien abilities that will vantage you during combat as to your team…