#StarTrekOnline #VictoryIslife | The Advance Heavy Cruiser #Excelsior Class remastered refitted with new revisited texturing- A Gallery

The Advance Heavy Cruiser -Excelsior Class remastered refitted dressed in a Type eight dress hull texturing is in which brings out the blending the softer pastel colours…

On Star Trek Online, recently remastered –revisited the Excelsior Class also its variant have been update in which it hulling looks remarkable incredible detail toward the Transwarp USS Excelsior NX-2000, Excelsior Class that was seen in the third Star Trek Movie” Search for Spock” also its’ Hulling plating was used in the Star Trek VI “The Undiscovered Country” under the captaincy of Captain Hikaru Sulu – George Takei of the NCC-2000….

There’s been many Variants of the Excelsior class revisited, in which is the USS Enterprise B in which its retrofit with new sleeker engineering hull, warp nacelles, pylon saucer configuration… for heavy extensive mission specifications in which Captain Hikaru Sulu’s Daughter captain, Captain Demora Sulu-

The Advance Heavy Cruiser -Excelsior Class remastered refitted dressed in a type seven dress hulling texturing in which is like wearing a dark work dress …. Photographer @KevinJamesNg

The recent new revisited- remastered hulling was inspired by the works of Tobias Richter whom inspired other great, brilliant artistic works used in Star Trek Online in which one of his works was the retentions of the Excelsior Class with high detail articulate resolution Aztec panelling in which brings the ship alive realistically giving that metallic texturing..

As you customise your Advance Heavy Cruiser, at the Shipyards Customisation officer nearby, there’s also new Excelsior class engineering hull in which apart there’s like a dome arboretum at the back of the rear of the Engineering hull main hanger.. There’s a new Livery in which is the Class Transwarp NX-2000 Excelsior livery used in The Search for Spock, named Regula..  As new Hulling texturing goes there’s Excelsior NX with Type 8, Type 8b…

As when I began retailoring my tier six Excelsior-Resolute variant –Advance Heavy Cruiser.. In which typically going from the Highly detail Panelling of Type seven.. Coming across with switching Type eight or eight B… The look of the ship becomes softer with feminine tones, like dressing in a coral pastel coloured pallet wrap summery dress that type of feel of texturing… Rather than the previous Hulling types of before seven in which is like dressing in a dark metallic textured dress for work in the office…  in which I love the Coral pastel hull texturing which feels very summery adaptive with the softer pastel  colours tones when colour livery the ship..

STAR TREK | Tobias Richer – one very short epic fly by USS Epic…!


Given you know Tobias Richer’s work on “Star Trek – Renegades” also on “Axanar” on the amazing visual effects that he produced in the highest movie level production possible with passion with methods alike used by ILM – industrial light and Magic, in which brings out the emotional story line element that’s within scene when a ship is flying by in using Lightwave a VFX..

As found in this flyby,  designed by Saquist and modelled also textured by Tobias Richter.. this scene  story line of the USS Epic in a flyby sequence as we see the ship from front to its after in showing the massive size off the ship, from the saucer section to the after of the engineering section traditionally showing the main Hanger, with the grey Aztec ships hulling reflecting the light..  USS Epic appears to be an retrofit variant or an complete upgrade of Intrepid Class with is moving ready to Warp Nacelles struts, as this ship follow’s a very similar design heritage with its very sleek skyline lines.. also when watching this turn up the resolution to 1080p it’s visually intense to watch the scale of amount of detail..

STAR TREK RENEGADES | _ the official trailer…. Of what’s to come..?

it’s a story decade  later that after USS Voyager have finally came home after the final confliction with the Borg Queen, from the Delta Quadrant.. in this we see a darker version of the “Star Trek” premise… In “Star Trek Renegades” the Untied Federation of Planets is in crisis, there’s a reportedly Planet is missing from the from the federation database….

Also it’s a story of Lexxa Singh played by Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena Warrior Princess) the Daughter of the Khan Noonien Singh.  Who chased Captain James T. Kirk in the Mutara Nebula (Wrath of Khan) s   , and her relationship with Mother whom have been missing and how she is finding her as Lexxa is offer by that chance as when she meet by Admiral Turvok … also Exploring the teaser, we see the premise flag of the United Federation of Planets upturn, there’s something wrong, not very right in the Federation and the Delta Quadrant.   In that  there’s something not quite right, something has Admiral Chekov pointed out a curious misinformation of a planet’s location also the Dilithuim crystals main supply trader have gone missing , turning out that someone, some entity is manipulating the affairs of the federation..

In Star Trek Renegades, Written by Tim Russ as Captain Turvok…  I could see it as a brilliantly made into a Television series also as to “Star Trek  Axanar “ as to there’s untold  stories to be told in before Captain Robert April of the Constitutional  Class USS Enterprise, also the years after Crew of Voyager’s return.. Also I love the storyline relationship between Grandfather and gran daughter of Admiral Pavel Chekov… That’s something yet to be seen in a relationship akin to Admiral Hikaru Sulu and his Daughter Captain Demora Sulu… in that needs exploring as in a next television series in the making….  The graphics are amazing done by “Tobias Ritcher” in which creating those amazing ships of the Renegades, USS Archer also of the Klingon Empire, as to of the Siphon race..



Modelled by Tobias Richter and designed by Sean P.Tourangeau

Star Trek Titan is set on a premise in which Captain William Riker commanding of a Luna Class  Science vessel USS Titan in a very much after the years of  Star Trek Nemesis incident in which gave way to the precipitation fragile negotiations for peace between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire…

There are six books in the series at the current moment…. Taking wing, The Red King, Orion’s Hound, Sword of Damocles, also a crossover “ Star Trek Density” ,  Over a Torrent Sea, Synthesis, Typhon Pact- Seize the Fire, Fallen Gods, then “The Fall The Poisoned Chalice”

Currently this is a pre production process of a short film in the making on the Lives of USS Titan also this is a Kick starter project.  The Graphics are awesomely done by The Light Works Tobias Richter…

On Star Trek Online… The USS Titan premise, it’s ship class sets very much in game by the variants of that type of class of Starship.. as of Luna, Polaris, Sol, and Comet class.. in which in game it’s a tier five ship class which was for the successor class  to the  Nebula also the Intrepid class. This ship in game was the replacement for the 344.g meters- Intrepid class, the Luna class larger in size of 450 meters long it proved very well as almost next to the Vesta variant class ( 672 meters long- multi mission explorer )  which had more capable abilities than the Luna, Intrepid, and the Nebula …

The leading characters of the USS Titan

-          Captain  William T Riker
-          Commander  Christine Vale
-          Commander  Deanna Troi
-          Commander Turvok
-          Lieutenant   Alyssa Ogawa
-          Doctor  Shenti Yisec Eres Ree
-          Lieutenant  Commander  Ranui Keru
-          Lieutenant Commander Jaza Najem
-          Commander Jaza Najem
-          Commander Sariel Rager
-          Lieutenant J.g Aili Lavena
-          Ensign Torvig Bu-Kar -Nguv

The series is created by Ryan Stevens..

Like to know more about Star Trek : Titan… on their Facebook.. also on their blog site.. Star Trek Titan TV series… ?