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Given you know Tobias Richer’s work on “Star Trek – Renegades” also on “Axanar” on the amazing visual effects that he produced in the highest movie level production possible with passion with methods alike used by ILM – industrial light and Magic, in which brings out the emotional story line element that’s within scene when a ship is flying by in using Lightwave a VFX..

As found in this flyby,  designed by Saquist and modelled also textured by Tobias Richter.. this scene  story line of the USS Epic in a flyby sequence as we see the ship from front to its after in showing the massive size off the ship, from the saucer section to the after of the engineering section traditionally showing the main Hanger, with the grey Aztec ships hulling reflecting the light..  USS Epic appears to be an retrofit variant or an complete upgrade of Intrepid Class with is moving ready to Warp Nacelles struts, as this ship follow’s a very similar design heritage with its very sleek skyline lines.. also when watching this turn up the resolution to 1080p it’s visually intense to watch the scale of amount of detail..

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