DOCTOR WHO | The Female Doctor – The Citadel…..

As looking over head to that particular barn in the distance off where he lived, also beside been shot by him, looking over in the distance.. Her feet felt a small vibrations from the floor, rumbling in a certain rhythms, then again, then again more as it becomes more intense, the office floor started to show some cracks.. Reaching out bracelet device. In figuring out what’s happening, she turned to the Holo display on her bracelet.. No, she though.  Thinking out loud….” The Cloisters are prematurely activated, but why.. ?” has there been an incident,  walking towards the door way as trying to leave the office room, looking around, the cloisters are almost vibrating to the same structural frequencies of the building superstructure..   .. it also  became clear that the some of the structural integrity of the tower became stressed after a quick scan readings from the bracelet.., something wasn’t right, the Cloisters aren’t meant to ring this hard, unless something major has happen, like that’s somethings out of sync, order in the process of things ..

As she ran out from the office, hearing from one of her officers from the com, ‘something’s not right.. Trenzalore, that town name Christmas has changed, his grave of the Dying Tardis isn’t there anymore.. Including some other’s that’s closed to him, including River Song’s grave… “