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STAR TREK ONLINE - Manticore Destroyer class”

STAR TREK ONLINE – Manticore Destroyer class”

The Chimera destroyer class is one of the effective vessels in par with the Fleet Avenger Class. This newly build vessel is set to be release soon… orthough the design of this ship was to be the runner up in the creating the USS Enterprise F story arc of command by Captain Shan..

The Chimera class is one effective ship so it’s sister “Manticore Destroyer class”  in getting things done, previously having its and all out forward cannons with torpedoes and rear with turrets it becomes an effective ship giving it’s as a Tactical and Engineering, having five Tactical and  three Engineering consoles.. Also as to off a Cmdr. Tactical, Lt Cmdr. Engineering also a Lt Cmdr. Universal and Ensign in which with Universal stations I provides you with an advantage of extra Tactical abilities in with the plus ten in weapons power….  As it other advantages the ship comes with an Lt Cmdr. Engineering/command specialist bridge officer seating… The Manticore is basically a forward frontal assault vessel in which you go in and attack from afar evaluated the next situation…

The Manticore is equipped with multiple advantages. Given the traditional Phaser Lotus, plus Enhanced Dynamic Tactical System and tachyon inversion mode as traditionally on the Chimera in which you have to be in a certain abilities….


The Manticore Destroyer Class… specs via Star Trek online …

    • Faction: Starfleet
    • Required Rank: Vice Admiral
    • Availability: 1,000 Day Veteran Reward
    • Hull Strength: 39,675 at level 50 and 46,000 at level 60
    • Shield Modifier: 0.9
    • Crew: 750
    • Weapons: 4 Fore, 3 Aft
    • Device Slots: 3
    • Bridge Officer Stations: Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Command, Lieutenant Science, Lieutenant Commander Universal, Ensign Universal
    • Console Modifications: 5 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science
    • Base Turn Rate: 14
    • Impulse Modifier: 0.22
    • Inertia: 80
    • +10 Weapon Power, +5 Shield Power
    • Can Equip Dual Cannons
    • Regenerative Mode (Innate): +5 Auxiliary Power, +30 Starship Shield Systems
    • Console – Universal – Enhanced Dynamic Tactical System: Tactical Mode (Disables Regenerative Mode, +5 Weapon power, +30 Starship Targeting Systems), Tachyon Inversion Beam (Requires Regenerative Mode), Phaser Lotus (Requires Tactical Mode)
    • Advanced Quantum Slipstream Drive
    • Starship Mastery Package (Destroyer)
      • Precise Weapon Systems
      • Enhanced Weapon Banks
      • Devastating Weaponry
      • Enhanced Weapon Systems
      • Weapon System Synergy (Starship Trait)



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