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As in People’s Republic of China, Shanghai prepares for its opening for its largest Disneyland constructed outside the United States and expected to open in the year 2016 in also of that year too is the newest addition to the “Universal Studios Hollywood” is the Wizarding world of Harry Potter in a more newly reconstructed Universal Studios since the 2008 fire that happen in the King Kong section of the ….. As its announcement the Hogwarts awaited section “Harry Potter and the Forbidden journey,” will have the same experience that you experience In the J.K. Rowling’s writings works, movies and the Potter more experiences… The main street Diagon alley will contain the same shopping experiences like how Harry arrived in ascertaining that Wand of his..  accompanying with is the Quidditch matches as you with Harry and the house Team from Gryffindor fight the other team to score house points in using customed made goggles in 3D.. Among the other attractions this might be worth for an awesome treat in Universal Studios Hollywood…

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