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In a recent WonderCon convention 2016 in Los Angeles, various fans from the convention were gathered around for an interesting quizzing in finding answers to some of the hardest trivia questions in relating to the hardest details of the series of “Agents of SHIELD”… During questioning with various groups whom attend convention they were question with an the very team whom meant to know the answers too.. at times.. the opposing team where the actual cast from SHIELD Director Phil Colson- Clark Gregg, Jemma Simmons-Elizabeth Henstridge whom popped out from her hiding place under the table saying is there’s a quiz.. also in the team is Grant Ward-Brett Dalton, also Al Mackenzie – Henry Simmons..   in the host whom was question both teams is Marc Strom –’s Editor.. …. Even Brett Dalton serious got stumped in figuring out answer too his characters pet dog……….

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