MARVEL- AGENTS OF SHIELD | the best of the best trivia contest………….Stumped…



In a recent WonderCon convention 2016 in Los Angeles, various fans from the convention were gathered around for an interesting quizzing in finding answers to some of the hardest trivia questions in relating to the hardest details of the series of “Agents of SHIELD”… During questioning with various groups whom attend convention they were question with an the very team whom meant to know the answers too.. at times.. the opposing team where the actual cast from SHIELD Director Phil Colson- Clark Gregg, Jemma Simmons-Elizabeth Henstridge whom popped out from her hiding place under the table saying is there’s a quiz.. also in the team is Grant Ward-Brett Dalton, also Al Mackenzie – Henry Simmons..   in the host whom was question both teams is Marc Strom –’s Editor.. …. Even Brett Dalton serious got stumped in figuring out answer too his characters pet dog……….

MARVEL | Avengers age of Ultron – second Trailer coming up….?


As the Avengers survives the Demise of “SHIELD” also it reconstruction of it as its storyline in “ Marvels Agents of SHIELD” as now rebuilding  Director Colson taken from Director Nick Fury.. After it has been infiltrated by HYDRA…   The Avengers face a new element of threat is Ultron… in this could one of the breaking points in which defines them…  in which the film is set to screen on theaters 1st May 2015.. in which hopefully explore of clues what’s to come in the “Avengers – age of Ultron!”

As for the second trailer in which comes out on 12th January 2015 during the College Football National Championships in which is featured on “ESPN”  on 2030 hours Eastern time..

MARVEL | watch out agent 007 James Bond, it’s – Agent Peggy Carter…!

On Tuesday 6th January on the ABC network…  “Agent Peggy Carter” ( Hayley Atwell) is back and kicking more than James Bond Agent Carter  as she continues left of from where the “The first Avenger” Steve Rogers- Captain America have been told in missing since world war two.. As they continue to find each other progressively through time intimately as they finally caught up in the “Winter Solider” episode.

In Agent Carter story, she’s has to survive in a time what to do after the war, also in a men’s job role world, as the first  few episodes develop onto we see that, as her assignments begin she develops a more alias life as a working in a telephone company.. She is latterly goes on more intense mission where the boys aren’t even daring plus fear to trend.. Which means watch out Commodore James Bond she’s better than you..

As the Series progressives we see more of Agent Carter  doing Cameo’s in telling her story in with “ Marvel –Agents of SHIELD”   and co founding with Howard Stark ( Tony Stark’s Father) starting to create that foundation to create the Organisation that we now know as S.H.I.E.L.D. –  Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate.

MARVEL | Agent Carter – small very sneak peek…?

On the month of January 2015,” Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter” is airing on the ABC Network … as prelude storylines to Marvel Agents of SHIELD, also tells the story what happen after to the relationship with Carter and Steve Rogers after The First Avenger… Captain America… as they rekindle their relationship many decades on until seen in The Winter Solider with a very intimate scene… In this small very short clip we see the founders of SHIELD, Peggy Carter and Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s Father) talking about an objective assignment with a very nasty dangerous explosive written formula with a first insight of what the actual Jarvis looks like, but given the his qualities like James Bond’s Quartermaster Q also Bruce Wayne’s Butler Alfred  … then moments later into the scene it leads on to That Agent Carter taking on the Assignment and kicking more action investigatively than Commodore James Bond.. !

MARVEL | Agent Carter…. and she’s better than James Bond…?

“Sometimes the best man for a job is a woman”… As we continue the story that we leave off from the first Avenger.. Captain Steve Rogers… As he left in the ice and being rescue and little that Hayley Atwell’s Character Agent Peggy Carter very unknowing that he’s being rescue by Team Howard Stark… an left to recover since his arrival into the later 20th Century…. Also during those times Agent Peggy Carter.. is left to survive without him and continue her in from  the year 1946 post World War two years… with those years until when Captain Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter reconnected there lost time relationships in during when Hydra resurface… episode of the “Captain America –The Winter Soldier”  during those years she co-founded S.H.E.I.LD. Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law Enforcement Division with Tony Stark’s father Howard Stark… Out from the New York organisation that she works for in Strategic Scientific Reserve… Agent Peggy Carter Kick more ass than Commodore James Bond.. Having she taking a lot learning and tutoring Captain Steve Rogers..  Marvel’s Agent Carter debuts on the ABC network on the month of January 2015…!