MARVEL | Agent Carter…. and she’s better than James Bond…?

“Sometimes the best man for a job is a woman”… As we continue the story that we leave off from the first Avenger.. Captain Steve Rogers… As he left in the ice and being rescue and little that Hayley Atwell’s Character Agent Peggy Carter very unknowing that he’s being rescue by Team Howard Stark… an left to recover since his arrival into the later 20th Century…. Also during those times Agent Peggy Carter.. is left to survive without him and continue her in from  the year 1946 post World War two years… with those years until when Captain Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter reconnected there lost time relationships in during when Hydra resurface… episode of the “Captain America –The Winter Soldier”  during those years she co-founded S.H.E.I.LD. Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law Enforcement Division with Tony Stark’s father Howard Stark… Out from the New York organisation that she works for in Strategic Scientific Reserve… Agent Peggy Carter Kick more ass than Commodore James Bond.. Having she taking a lot learning and tutoring Captain Steve Rogers..  Marvel’s Agent Carter debuts on the ABC network on the month of January 2015…!

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