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millennium falcon ring- Paul Michael Design

Ever though what you could get for your girlfriend during that Valentine’s Day also giving her that Corellian YT-1300 modify Freighter that you guys trying to out modify the ” Millennium Falcon”…also modifying her YT-1300 faster than Han Solo’s ship on weeks on end..  And what a way to celebrate her ship is ready is to give her this timeless beautiful millennium falcon ring design by “Paul Michael Design” … its shape like the millennium falcon … in which it has the classical hallmarks of the blue glowed engines in princess cut sapphires… With the noticeable side on escape pods… in round brilliants diamonds or either… Customizing stones that you prefer…  it’s Handmade crafted casted… In either gold, white gold, or Platinum. … But as for a darker Gothic look it can be done in Black Rhodium… or given that she into steampunk antiquing can be done…

The millennium falcon ring can be customized to any prefer finger size… so it’s best to go to your local jewellery store and have you fingers measured for size…. There one thing fashionable about the ring itself… it can be fashion into as a beautiful pendant.. Either in accessories in various colour silk ribbons or in yellow or white gold chain…. Another as a charm on a just a simple classic linked bracelet just by itself…

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