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As this planet was preparing to counting down to one of the largest rave parties on Earth to bring in the New Year of 2014, in Chinese, it’s the year of the Horse.. A team at Twitter using visual insights shows how the spread of the explosion of tweets of spreading of the hashtag #HappyNewYear from the first time zone to celebrate the New Year a (GMT + 1300 due to daylight savings time) where the time zone New Zealand is…

The visualization is created by Krist Wongsuphasawat whom is on Twitters analytic s team, he and his team created this time chart showing individual unique languages of saying celebrating “ Happy New Year”  for 2014…

Like to see the Tweeting “ happy New year”  2014 around the world… on twitters #interactive …?

For more information in ringing the new year on twitter’s blog….

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