DOCTOR WHO | your very cute- cell phone alert charms

Given that you’re out of your type 40 tardis and the phone cabinet unit is not nearby, or you just pick up an brilliant iPhone iPod Doctor who casing from, also they have excellent range of Sherlock ones also.. But if you have the Tardis or Doctor who theme case then this is very cool accessory to match.. in which It‘s a cell phone alert charm which is a matching companion.. It’s a very cute size of 1.75 inches tall, it’s spins dance around with light in its very own bottle charm where where you get a call or message,  its works with between 800 – 1600 MHz GSM cell phone networks… where also works, where you get a call even where the phone is set on off ringer mode..

Also given it’s small very cute size it becomes a fashion accessory to attached it to the zip on your jacket so at night you know that you got a call from your Tardis, or to trend setting, hook it on the belt slide of your skirt… or for the summer time where it has a charm pedant among other small cute accessories on your necklaces..  or wear the charm singularly..

It comes in three charms… The Tardis, the Dalek, also the Cybermen…

Like to know more where you could get your Tardis charm from

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