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Love this special effects composition of Pacific Rim from Industrial Light and Magic, how it’s final battle seen was done in darkness times in downtown coastal  barricades of Hong Kong one of the final end of line. In this premise where Earth was teething on been invaded by from another world through a wormhole a like portal locately in the Pacific… Whom the uninvited guest needs Earth for it various resources…

The work was done in between various cities in creating Guillermo del Toro’s movie which could topple the Transformers franchise, in that work shared between San Francisco, Singapore, also Vancouver in which I like to see a sequel, even though the story of creating the Jaegers to counter the Kajiu has finished.. But somehow   I guessingly there’s more…?

In this clip we see various methods in composing the each individual scene together… From wire frame to muscle flesh then to the clay modelling from the various Jaegers fighting monsters Kajiu from that throated connected other world   . Adding the to the mix the usage of green screen also with additional of multiple of layers of digital sets to tell the immersive story even more..

Like to know more about Pacific Rim the movie… also like to try out your very own Jaeger combat simulator to see if you make the grade..and share your score on socials..?

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