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JAN-141-2014 044

Coming, driving and parking my type 40 vehicle, on parking curb, that nearby by the main entrance to the Auckland War Memorial Museum… On that clear night but soon to be cloudy morning night   expecting rain passing midnight…. walking up to the Domain Mount where the Museum is located in very near Central Business district Auckland, a very cosy neat historically enriched village township of Parnell…

Walking up the Mount, seeing the warmth Ambered light limestone that greeted me also other people, like if it was some lit campfire giving a visual warmth providing with you with company to see the what lies in the very near city landscape the from the Auckland Hospital, Sky tower, to the fairy lights of amber, whited lights of the coastal city, of looking into the into the dark distances of a unphotonic shrouded lit north head also Rangitoto Island..

Armed with a small pack or peanuts M&M’s, smart phone, also Melody’s Sonic, waiting… also arriving early just in case for parking becomes very mall like on pre-Christmas shopping…  about least one hour  and  haft early…  seeing that only a minority of people arrived early.. People settling down in their chosen campfire seating’s, a group of children playing awaiting, playing soccer..  Some were among the entrance of the Museum.. Playfully chased screaming by their peers…

JAN-141-2014 002

During the wait, armed, checking in with in all the various socials.. Seated… Looking at the cars that gradually acuminate also its occupants… seeing the numerous people be seated on the museum steps… waiting for the new year to candlized by its Auckland Ambassador the Auckland Sky Tower in the Northern western distance in a slightly tree view..

Looking in the distance of where,  I notice that there was a couple, teenagely adultly young, walking then seated nearby awaiting in both embracing in each other in this moment, also they look like they’ve just got out from the celebrating mosh pit crowd in the city.. Both were dressed in casually formally.  She was dress in with a black spaghetti strap sheath mid length dress with long brunette hair.. he was dressed as the raggydoll doctor like, with black pants.. Raggy out white shirt with a very loses tie with David Tennant’s hair…

Noticing then in the distance the, the Sky Tower communications array tower started counting down. Blinking the very few seconds….. Then it sparkledly teased… Then the Sky Tower communications tower exploded in to the new year.. Of multiples of rotating colour hues  of fireworks from the tower’s platform.. Bringing Auckland of many cities within the first time zone to celebrate.. The new year… in a festive 48 hour celebration…

Have an Awesome Happy Year  everyone..!!

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