STAR WARS | rebels- having a short Art Attack…?

““Forget the explosion  … Look at the colour… “

In “Star Wars-Rebels” short Art Attack- Team Ghost is taunting the fellow Stormtroopers on ground in the Tie-fighter docking bay….  in this Sabine creates a diversion in this in demonstrating art in spray painting a rebel symbol on one of the tie fighter wing.. In a Banksy type of way…  she gets caught and questioned in what she doing… she eludes them by taunting them in everything… by question there shooting and d “… Always by the book.. It’s a short one….’ then she arrives at the same position where they first found her.. Looking at her Banksy creation thinking there’s something missing and perfected it by placing a device and disappears.. Till the team of Stormtroopers… Tries to Sherlock device but too late from the distance. As Sabine examines her creative art work… “Forget the explosion  … Look at the colour… “As more Team Ghost adventures will be premiering foretold one hourly on the “Disney XD” channels on October 2014….

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