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As from New York to Mexico.. Team “Doctor Who” was in Mexico City on This Sunday 17 August 2014…and received a standing ovation with cheers and screams on from crowds whom attended the event at the Teatro Metropólitan….. As they appear on stage first appearing is Jenna Coleman out from the Tardis doors.. With a gracefully wave then followed by Peter Capaldi.. Who open door shocking shy then closing the blue door then un-shyingly with a WOW expression exiting out from the doors… On to the stage awaiting with Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat.. Interesting to know this is Jenna’s last “Doctor Who Tour” as the Doctor’s companion as Jenna is set to leave with brilliancy in during this year’s Christmas special as she is set to move on with other projects ahead as to like with her previous Doctor, Matt Smith.. In with Karen Gillian also with Arthur Darvill whom had previously held the companion positions..  The next round of the tour is Rio DE Janeiro in Brazil… On the 18 August which is the same date as “Taylor Swift” new news on her fifth Album release….

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