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“Destroy the dream of the federation… Compare to such a loss. .I Do Not fear the Klingon Empire..!”- Admiral Ramirez… Stardate 2243.2 – first address to the Federation…

This is one brilliant story outline of “Star Trek Axanar- the prelude” is known as foretold the four year’s war between the Untied Federation of Planets and Klingon Empire.. Giving if Paramount wanting to produce a Television series then this is it or as Movie foretelling a history that having been told before either Captain Christopher pike or James T. Kirk taking that command of U.S.S. Enterprise as the Kirk reprises his story of  his Idol Garth of Izar… in the original series..  also the first screening of the “ prelude to Axanar” was premiered in Comic Con San Diego on that Saturday day of 26th of July..

In this prelude It’s a documentary of recollections of the conflict in between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire as the Klingons is doing all out forcing in trying to secure the Dilithuim rich worlds to feed the Klingon empire territory to expand as the Dilithuim is the life blood of the Empire that componentry feeds their Klingon Starships reactor cores   . . As the war continues Starfleet begins to develop new tactics, engineering… In which gave birth to new Starship designs. That could counter the heavy loss during the two years.. Throughout that gave way of relearning in a new book to gain advantages of fighting skills of a Klingon against them.. as that conflict gave way to a several new class of ships like the Ares class giving them the advantage also in tandem the Klingon were developing the D7 Cruiser a much overpowering in might to regain the losses.. But the federation was developing its counter   the Constitution Class as it still lies in construction behind…


One of the major recollections of the battle of Axanar is the pinnacle point in time in events that made differences in saving the Federation in between with Klingons war in the far reaching deep borders between the two powers. …. In that battle happen eighty years after the birth of the United Federation of Planets, at that the borders reaches ends in which the USS Ares was out gun in an attack by various D5 and D7 Klingon battle Starships…  after they just visited the Planet.. They totally out defeated the Klingons…. Under the command of Captain Garth of Izar… or known to be Captain Kelvar Leonard Garth…

Watching the twenty one minute short film is visually rich of telling the story that leads up to the pinnacle points leading to Axanar.. Awesomely visually effects done by Tobias how telling the story rich through visually makes me that I’m there, In the events of the Documentary that been procure in Memory Alpha…  also using the different scenes in between various key federation members at  Starbase one,  Ambassador  Soval.. From the Enterprise series.. And at Klingon Qo’nos… Kharn..!


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