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During “Comic Con San Diego” 2014, a very Sneak peek was procured in between the latest installment of” Superman Vs Batman”… In which that sneak peak lead to having Ben Affleck’s Batman surrounding akiness to a bat cave very darken environment on either a building roof top with a massive Candle light Spotlight likes the ones used in World War Two to spot enemy aircraft.. in with that Spotlighted Batman Signal.. The Batman had white glowed eyes… Superman… had his red glow heat eyes glowing in the darken area of somewhat like Gotham… well in this case both are trying to out eye each other in this case.. Then they voted for coffee… Then Diana Prince –Wonder Women like to join in for a cuppa too….

Done and produce by creators of “This is how it should end” done characterization Animated Artist, voice by Daniel Baxter… Providing support Artist is “Otis Frampton”

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