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As the “Doctor who world tour” continues…. Continuing onwards to Sydney, Australia on 12 August 2014 a very nice fine Tuesday.. BBC World wide did a competition with ABC of #iheartthedocotor as BBC partners… and one winner beside another Edward has won” Oscar Crisp” in doing an excellent rapping Parody with intriguingly of Doctor who of explain Doctor who also the Current Doctor Peter Capaldi…

In this Oscar Crisp, of Crisp Pro… Was asked by the BBC to do some sneak peeks into Peter’s and Jenna’s dressing room. Giving a little tour… Also interviewing awesome various audiences in their various whovianic cosplays… also behind the scene of what goes into this… also Oscar Crisp got to show his Parody to Peter in which he like it thrilled out.. ! During the Q and A section after the Attended lucky Fans got to see way past the pages of River Song’s – Melody Pond’s Blue Journal.. Of watching the very first episode of season eight…  “Doctor Who-Deep Breath”….

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