#iPhonePhotography | 秋天的月亮 – The Autumn #Moon nearly full moon – featuring 玉兔 Jade Rabbit…

Currently the Moon Luna, This Planet Earth’s Moon, that its averagely 1.26 light seconds ago back in time.. Wonder what you yourself as you was reading this was doing only a briefly ago…. Sitting orbiting around Earth Elliptically averagely at 385,000 Kilometres away….. In which the moon diameter more (3,474 Kilometres) is comparative less to Australia Diameter of 4,023 Kilometres averagely …

As currently the Moon is sitting at in between fifty to seventy percent Waxing Gibbous.. in which Terminatory unveiling its veil a few iconic Mares, molten areas of the moon..  One iconic feature is at the most is the 玉兔 Jade Rabbit- YuTu… (Yu-Jade, Tu-Rabbit) in say so ironically is the head of the玉兔 Jade Rabbit, is the sea of Tranquility in which is where mostly of the Apollo Mission lunar landings landed starting off that one with the Lunar Module Eagle has landed on Tranquility on 20th July 1969, with its premature mission ending with Apollo 17 with the Luna Module Enterprise landed on 11th December 1972.. Exploration prematurely for the last time with Commander Eugene Cernan, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans, and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt from the sea of Serenity one of the ears of the Jade Rabbit…………,

MARVEL –THOR RAGNAROK | What was Thor doing during the Civil War- found vacation down under..

What was Thor was doing during while “Captain America- Civil War” Captain Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) while living to  Taylors Swift Song Bad Blood problems with Tony Stark-Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)..Well he was on vacation in Australia among with bestie Doctor David Banner- Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) trying to fit in, also trying out the flatting situation with a fellow roommate Darryl Jacobson..

While having a me time down flatting in the Southern Hemisphere, wondering if he miss all the action between what is going on with the Avengers with Team Iron Man and Captain America.. He begins the investigating like Sherlock Holmes style of the whole story of the infinity Stones of what’s to come, also Thor (Chris Hemsworth)  takes a working with the community education approach in teaching, laying back while still not Earth technology savvy yet..

As During the Comic Con San Diego 2016, we get to see what Thor was up to before Ragnarok in Hall H, in which is expected to screen on 25 October 2017 Norway…

BLIZZARD-FACEBOOK LIVE | Introducing to streaming gaming onto Facebook …….

Introducing to in which is now available once updated, is now featured on the “Blizzard” gaming client is that you can now stream your gaming game play to your Facebook account in which usually where you can link and share on with Twitch TV, or You Tube gaming at the moment..  in which you update your Blizzard game client, on the corner of the client there’s an camera streaming icon in which you can setup the type of shares modes, also you can set the various abilities of once you allow the Blizzard API to connect to with your Facebook account..  Also you can alternative change the numerous other settings within the stream part of the client,  the mic, the secondary PC Camera in which give you that dual screen aspect like given on Twitch also on You Tube live as well..

At the moment the Client update is only in the regions of Americas, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand in which soon rolling fully globally soon, it’s interesting to see if other gaming MMORPG’s companies might come to play on this as to share the gaming experiences with friends on Facebook as it comes modestly into the gaming live stream API platform..

SKPMENU | an unique innovative way of skipping towards getting customer services faster …..


There’s an innovative new application that helps you in bypassing the virtual operator on your smart phone when you call for lengthy menus Dialing in options in order to get directly to the acquired customer services, “SkipMenu” bypasses the Virtual Operator options through various cut to chase identifying menus screens it places to an actual corporeal human custom services operator on the other side to take your call of inquiries least ten times faster than traditional means… with a nice simple clean user interface to navigate from you’ll get to inquires in rapidly like warp drive..

The Startup, SkipMenu Limited, Founded by Chloe Chan, Gabriel Chan. The Startup as reading inventory support of more than eight hundred hotlines in Hong Kong including companies such as the Hong Kong Shanghai bank, MTR Corporation, Cathy Pacific, also at governmental departmental levels… then expanding onwards to one thousand onwards to The United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia also New Zealand… from an established based in Hong Kong … Engineered in Canada, SkipMenu is available on iOS devices also Android devices.  …..


DOCTOR WHO | I double heart the Doctor- Doctor who tour Sydney highlights…?

As the “Doctor who world tour” continues…. Continuing onwards to Sydney, Australia on 12 August 2014 a very nice fine Tuesday.. BBC World wide did a competition with ABC of #iheartthedocotor as BBC partners… and one winner beside another Edward has won” Oscar Crisp” in doing an excellent rapping Parody with intriguingly of Doctor who of explain Doctor who also the Current Doctor Peter Capaldi…

In this Oscar Crisp, of Crisp Pro… Was asked by the BBC to do some sneak peeks into Peter’s and Jenna’s dressing room. Giving a little tour… Also interviewing awesome various audiences in their various whovianic cosplays… also behind the scene of what goes into this… also Oscar Crisp got to show his Parody to Peter in which he like it thrilled out.. ! During the Q and A section after the Attended lucky Fans got to see way past the pages of River Song’s – Melody Pond’s Blue Journal.. Of watching the very first episode of season eight…  “Doctor Who-Deep Breath”….