BLIZZARD-FACEBOOK LIVE | Introducing to streaming gaming onto Facebook …….

Introducing to in which is now available once updated, is now featured on the “Blizzard” gaming client is that you can now stream your gaming game play to your Facebook account in which usually where you can link and share on with Twitch TV, or You Tube gaming at the moment..  in which you update your Blizzard game client, on the corner of the client there’s an camera streaming icon in which you can setup the type of shares modes, also you can set the various abilities of once you allow the Blizzard API to connect to with your Facebook account..  Also you can alternative change the numerous other settings within the stream part of the client,  the mic, the secondary PC Camera in which give you that dual screen aspect like given on Twitch also on You Tube live as well..

At the moment the Client update is only in the regions of Americas, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand in which soon rolling fully globally soon, it’s interesting to see if other gaming MMORPG’s companies might come to play on this as to share the gaming experiences with friends on Facebook as it comes modestly into the gaming live stream API platform..