DOCTOR WHO | time Lapse of the TARDIS crash landed on Parliament Square…?

On after the “Doctor Who World Tour” of which taken twelve days… Spanning across the globe… then onwards to the launch of season eight of the series in London where the first episodes takes place with a Temporal stowaway that Swallow up the TARDIS that there was some misunderstanding between the Doctor and the giant T-Rex..  As the preparations when under way… on which that location of that giant T-Rex stopping around with confused on the grounds of Parliament where it mysteriously got spontaneously combustion as it was seen miles around town in which gave the games a foot with the Doctor taking up the case Sherlockingly  … On that first of episode of season eight “Deep Breath” as that sequel from the “Girl in the Fire place” as the team” Doctor Who” assembles a work in art in progress during the early hours in the morning then onwards towards night of 22nd of August 2014 with a massive cratered Tardis crash  as they prepare for the promotional production with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. for the first episode…

DOCTOR WHO |recapping of twelve days of Doctor Who world tour highlights…?

Here’s a recap of highlights of the” Doctor Who world tour” in which started in the very home ground of “ Doctor Who” Cardiff Wales on the seventh of August …. To London… travelling to Seoul, South Korea… Sydney to New York… Mexico City and stopping on the finalization of the tour on Brazil… Rio De Janeiro with a total of 27640 miles, 308 hours in seven cities in which end on 18th August 2014, with one Doctor and his companion with the Tardis photo bombing in the many photo shot with Jenna Coleman, Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffatt also Handles the cybeman … in where fans got to see exclusively the first episode of “Deep Breath” in which was featured on televised on 23rd of August.. Before the general audiences watched on that day… the events was screening of Deep Breath also the amounts of some interesting amazing Question and Answers form the fans through many languages that was translated with amazing translators….and host from each hosted cities..

DOCTOR WHO | DW world tour- the Mexican wave highlights…?

As the “Doctor who –world tour” ends in on Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil on 18 August 2014….in before that finalized tour stop… on 17th August 2014. On their world tour also the premiering of the first episode of season eight “Deep Breath” was screen in Teatro Metropolitan theater… in before of the Question and Answer section… among that question and answers there was some interesting cosplays… Also questionings and answering’s was asked form Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman… And Steven Moffatt as they exited out from the Tardis door…

The interesting questions were posed as… Closing the regenerative cycle of The Doctor…  Like how Billy Piper Doctor from the ninth to the Tenth Doctor… also casting the New twelfth Doctor… also given that Clara has hard time experienced in between the changes of Doctor…. The questions given that Peter’s Doctor is much more of Darker of self… also the escapism of the stories that Doctor Who provides…  “Doctor who” season eight… First episode “Deep Breath” is screen on the 23rd August 2014… where you could see Dinosaurs walking next to Big Ben London…  with Team Strax..


DOCTOR WHO | DW world tour 2014 – New York Highlights Whovians Explained…?


DOCTOR WHO -world tour- New York

As the “Doctor who world tour” continues towards finalized on Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil on 18 August 2014…. There’re some interesting highlights along the way… behind the scenes on Fans whom Cosplay in various genres of elements of “Doctor Who”… in this various fans whom waited outside as shown here in  “New York” Question and Answers Meet and greet. With the Touring Team Doctor Who of Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman also with Steven Moffatt and crew presumably with Handles in fully bodied … during that tour on 14 August 2014… various assortment of Fans were too asked to explain the different elements of story telling’s of Doctor who.. Whom waited patience in line in front of New York “Ziegfeld Theater”… For the premiere screening of the first episode of season eight “Deep Breath” …. In which is expected to screen on the 23rd of August 2014… for the of The New Doctor Lands…

DOCTOR WHO | world tour doing the Mexican wave- pre highlights…?

As from New York to Mexico.. Team “Doctor Who” was in Mexico City on This Sunday 17 August 2014…and received a standing ovation with cheers and screams on from crowds whom attended the event at the Teatro Metropólitan….. As they appear on stage first appearing is Jenna Coleman out from the Tardis doors.. With a gracefully wave then followed by Peter Capaldi.. Who open door shocking shy then closing the blue door then un-shyingly with a WOW expression exiting out from the doors… On to the stage awaiting with Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat.. Interesting to know this is Jenna’s last “Doctor Who Tour” as the Doctor’s companion as Jenna is set to leave with brilliancy in during this year’s Christmas special as she is set to move on with other projects ahead as to like with her previous Doctor, Matt Smith.. In with Karen Gillian also with Arthur Darvill whom had previously held the companion positions..  The next round of the tour is Rio DE Janeiro in Brazil… On the 18 August which is the same date as “Taylor Swift” new news on her fifth Album release….