#SpaceX #FalconHeavy | Featuring #Starman with #DavidBowie #LifeOnMars – Music Video mix- highlights

On a clear winters Florida 6th February 2018 afternoon at 1500 hours Eastern Time it was the launch of the Maiden flight of the Space XFalcon Heavy in which the payload of the maiden test flight wasn’t a paid client, the client was inhouse, as demonstration flight of checking what learning experiences, also what capabilities it can do beyond its design limit as they learn what is need for the next modifications….  As the Launch proceeding ten minutes in of the side Falcon Heavy side boosters landing successfully ten Kilometers from LC39A to Cape Canaveral Air force Station on landing Zone LZ one and two at the same rate.. Apart the Falcon Nine Core almost managed to meet its target on the but slipping on the side of  Atlantic Ocean Drone Ship “ Off Course I Still Love You….”

As the launch of the Falcon Heavy launched successfully with any issues, in which conditions meet the launch Criteria as this launch is different than a Standard SpaceX Falcon nine reusable format.. in which the launch has taken back the SpaceX  team to relearn the Space Shuttle launch format as the Falcon Heavy’s launch format has many exactness of the STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle Launches procedures, in fact the Falcon Heavy is launch from two iconic giants the Lunar Apollo  also the Space Shuttle Program launching from the iconic NASA-KSC launch complex 39A in a twenty year lease as SpaceX will draw experiences to develop their own launch complex pad likeness to launch the Spaceliner-Interplanetary Rocket..

Among the Payload, It was for experimental fun with the Cherry red Tesla Roadster with Dragon nine’s EVA suit underneath is a mannequin naming Starman named after the late iconic late20th to 21st Century popular culture singer David Bowie in which featured inspired the BBC Television series Life on Mars with a time travelling back in time to 1970’s …..  Starman was put into an orbit around the Sun At max velocity Starman and the Roadster will travel 11 km/s  and travel 400 million km  from Earth… its intentions was toward Mars but it had a different road trip in mind adventuring drifting away from Earth..

DOCTOR WHO |recapping of twelve days of Doctor Who world tour highlights…?

Here’s a recap of highlights of the” Doctor Who world tour” in which started in the very home ground of “ Doctor Who” Cardiff Wales on the seventh of August …. To London… travelling to Seoul, South Korea… Sydney to New York… Mexico City and stopping on the finalization of the tour on Brazil… Rio De Janeiro with a total of 27640 miles, 308 hours in seven cities in which end on 18th August 2014, with one Doctor and his companion with the Tardis photo bombing in the many photo shot with Jenna Coleman, Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffatt also Handles the cybeman … in where fans got to see exclusively the first episode of “Deep Breath” in which was featured on televised on 23rd of August.. Before the general audiences watched on that day… the events was screening of Deep Breath also the amounts of some interesting amazing Question and Answers form the fans through many languages that was translated with amazing translators….and host from each hosted cities..