#SpaceX #FalconHeavy | Featuring #Starman with #DavidBowie #LifeOnMars – Music Video mix- highlights

On a clear winters Florida 6th February 2018 afternoon at 1500 hours Eastern Time it was the launch of the Maiden flight of the Space XFalcon Heavy in which the payload of the maiden test flight wasn’t a paid client, the client was inhouse, as demonstration flight of checking what learning experiences, also what capabilities it can do beyond its design limit as they learn what is need for the next modifications….  As the Launch proceeding ten minutes in of the side Falcon Heavy side boosters landing successfully ten Kilometers from LC39A to Cape Canaveral Air force Station on landing Zone LZ one and two at the same rate.. Apart the Falcon Nine Core almost managed to meet its target on the but slipping on the side of  Atlantic Ocean Drone Ship “ Off Course I Still Love You….”

As the launch of the Falcon Heavy launched successfully with any issues, in which conditions meet the launch Criteria as this launch is different than a Standard SpaceX Falcon nine reusable format.. in which the launch has taken back the SpaceX  team to relearn the Space Shuttle launch format as the Falcon Heavy’s launch format has many exactness of the STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle Launches procedures, in fact the Falcon Heavy is launch from two iconic giants the Lunar Apollo  also the Space Shuttle Program launching from the iconic NASA-KSC launch complex 39A in a twenty year lease as SpaceX will draw experiences to develop their own launch complex pad likeness to launch the Spaceliner-Interplanetary Rocket..

Among the Payload, It was for experimental fun with the Cherry red Tesla Roadster with Dragon nine’s EVA suit underneath is a mannequin naming Starman named after the late iconic late20th to 21st Century popular culture singer David Bowie in which featured inspired the BBC Television series Life on Mars with a time travelling back in time to 1970’s …..  Starman was put into an orbit around the Sun At max velocity Starman and the Roadster will travel 11 km/s  and travel 400 million km  from Earth… its intentions was toward Mars but it had a different road trip in mind adventuring drifting away from Earth..

#SPACEX – #Falcon9reusable| #Koreasat5A also “Of Course I Still Love You” – highlights


On the eve of Halloween it’s the Launch of the KoreaSat5A Satellite in which is launched from the Iconic NASA-KSC’s Launch complex 39A –LC39A, in which the carrier rocket is the SpaceX –Falcon nine reusable in which it was launched on 30th October 2017 Monday on an Afternoon 1534 Eastern Date Time Florida.. in which that East Coast Florida clear afternoon was brilliantly clear for launch… in which that SpaceX was more concern of the off shore landing drone ship “the “Of Course I Still Love You” in which is situated in the Atlantic Ocean in which weather wise Prior towards the launch wasn’t that favourable to the launch criteria… until the weather conditions up towards the launch met the Criteria..

The Launch of the SpaceX-KoreaSat5A launched without any issues, in which KoreaSat5A was deployed thirty six minutes from launched from those powerful nine Merlin Soyuz like cluster engines in which the first stage separation traditionally separated ten minutes after launched began its landing procedure in landing on the landing drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You” ….

The Korean Satellite –KoreaSat5A- is a telecommunications satellite operated by Korean- South Korean Satellite provider KT SAT… The contractor for the KoreaSat5A is Thales Alenia Space… Thirty six minutes into the launch is the satellite is position located in 113 degrees East… in which the Telecommunications Satellite communications provisionments is to provide an extremely high degree DTH-Direct To Home broadcast , broadband, also a backup of various servicements .. Placing in the location of 113 degrees East will gives the communication range of providing towards Marine time coverage of the South and East China Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean…  One unique feature of many is the steerable four Ku-band [54 MHZ] transponders in providing maximum DTH communications coverage…

#AIRBUS |Space and Defense- The #SpaceTug – revolution the space industry extending life..


In development of launching spacecraft, or satellites in which most do come with an operational life cycle in which till the next generation series that replaces its core operation, in which replacing the current satellites that nearing its life cycle can be costly to its operators..   in results there’s one interesting case that could be learnt during the STS –Space Transportation Systems, the Space Shuttle mission where that lessons learnt in repairing the HST- Hubble Space Telescope, also to with along with other satellites- ISS- International Space Station repairs during that STS mission era..

That lesson learnt is extending the satellites operations life cycle, before it reaching its maximum expiring operations cycle…. One Airbus Space and Defense have in mind is The Space Tug, in which designing to operations a multipurpose –application robotic satellite that does numerous tasks in helping other satellites for repositioning, refueling them aswell also exchanging other payloads as technologies progresses also it introduces reusability in space with the aid of solar electric propulsion in which enhances its services also as it rendezvous with its Patient with the aid of vision based navigation also rendezvous with others  in and proximity operations even for satellites that are not design for rendezvous…

#SPACEX #SES10 | #FALCONNINE – reusing a tradition after launching communications satellite –landing on a drone ship that always “Of Course I Still Love You”

On 30th March 2017, Space X just recently launched a Communications Satellite SES-10, an Airbus Defense and Space built on the design framework of the Eurostar 3000…. As it was launching on that New York time evening of 1827 EDT From that Iconic NASA-Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A that launch the Lunar Mission to the Moon, the Saturn V Rocket also modified into the STS- Space Transportation Systems- The Space Shuttle in which now it’s being tailored for a different dress style cut, that Dress Style cut is to Launch the SpaceX Falcon heavies, ultra Heavy, to the Interplanetary Transport System that will lead onwardly to the Planet Mars..

As part of the Design process, of reusability of various key booster rocket carrier launcher, in which SpaceX, Amazon-Blue Origin have successfully cat walked with wearing stilettos on landing a reusable carrier rocket booster on either on a static or dynamic landing platform, this case it’s a Dynamic Drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You” in which two minutes and forty one seconds after the seconds into the flight the first stage and secondary stages separates then one major momenta events of two is landing on an off shore Atlantic drone ship landing from six minutes and twenty seconds for an re-entry burn then landing of the Falcon Nine reusable at its final timing at eight minutes and thirty two seconds.. in which it’ll be received by retrieval team to collect, reprocess to be used for other launches, in which this one is reprocess transported back  for to be displayed as a museum artifact in Florida SpaceX branch…

#SPACEX | #FalconNine #EchoStar23 the launch webcast- the second Edition…


On Thursday 16th March 2017  Thursday New York early Morning time, least seven hours.  “SpaceX”  will attempt to second time launch EchoStar twenty three a communications Satellite from that iconic launch pad – Launch Complex 39A that launched the Saturn V-Apollo programme also the recent of its launch programme is the STS-Space Transportation Systems – Space Shuttle.. in which currently the Launch Complex 39A at NASA – Kennedy Space Center, still have the equipment currently still to launch the STS –Space Shuttle but currently undergoing serve modifications to accommodate the new SpaceX heavy and ultra-heavy falcons reusable rocket… this launch however will not attempt to land the Falcon Nine as traditionally due to the nature of the mission of the payload requirements.. As the first attempted launch was on the 14th March 2017, the launch was delayed due to weathering considerations that weren’t unfavorable for the required launch criteria, in which extremely high wind was not on that agenda of the criteria as of that there weren’t any technical issues prior they’ve been iron out in the statics test firing that occurred days prior.. .

 The Launch of the” EchoStar twenty three” a communications Satellite manufactured by Space systems- Loral is designated to as broadcasting service provider satellite placed in high altitude to provide broadcasting services to Brazil in Geo-stationary orbit….    The launch from that Iconic Launch Complex 39A… from the historic pad, its launch window is at 0135 hours morning Eastern Daylight Time- 0534 morning UTC… as the launch process commerce’s into the flight it will deploy 34 minutes after the lift off………