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On 30th March 2017, Space X just recently launched a Communications Satellite SES-10, an Airbus Defense and Space built on the design framework of the Eurostar 3000…. As it was launching on that New York time evening of 1827 EDT From that Iconic NASA-Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A that launch the Lunar Mission to the Moon, the Saturn V Rocket also modified into the STS- Space Transportation Systems- The Space Shuttle in which now it’s being tailored for a different dress style cut, that Dress Style cut is to Launch the SpaceX Falcon heavies, ultra Heavy, to the Interplanetary Transport System that will lead onwardly to the Planet Mars..

As part of the Design process, of reusability of various key booster rocket carrier launcher, in which SpaceX, Amazon-Blue Origin have successfully cat walked with wearing stilettos on landing a reusable carrier rocket booster on either on a static or dynamic landing platform, this case it’s a Dynamic Drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You” in which two minutes and forty one seconds after the seconds into the flight the first stage and secondary stages separates then one major momenta events of two is landing on an off shore Atlantic drone ship landing from six minutes and twenty seconds for an re-entry burn then landing of the Falcon Nine reusable at its final timing at eight minutes and thirty two seconds.. in which it’ll be received by retrieval team to collect, reprocess to be used for other launches, in which this one is reprocess transported back  for to be displayed as a museum artifact in Florida SpaceX branch…

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