#SpaceX #FalconNine | #HISPASAT #30W-6 – a non-traditional flight with a stationary “ Off Course I Still Love you” on a 50th Anniversary Launch- Mission Highlights….

#SpaceX #FalconNine | #HISPASAT #30W-6 – a non-traditional flight with a stationary “I Still Love you”- Mission Highlights…. also celebrating SpaceX’s 50th Anniversary Launch on brand new first stage Falcon Nine reusable..

On a clear dark Tuesday morning New York time on 6th March 2018, SpaceX was launching from SLC-40-Space Launch Complex 40 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is one of the heaviest payloads that SpaceX  is set to launch in which a different modified payload flaring had to be installed for the heavier payload..  Launching was on time as the Launching from SLC-40 was weather wise favourable.. in also Celebrating SpaceX’s 50th Anniversary launching at 12:33 a.m. EST..

The Mission of the launch commentary is provided by John Insprucker, Principal Integrations Engineer of SpaceX… The HISPASAT30W-6 satellite scale wise is about an average city public transportation bus…  HISPASAT30W-6 satellite is previously known as Hipasat IF is operationally design of mission duration of fifteen years.. Building from a SSL 1300 Satellite platform from HIPASAT Group is a Spanish Innovation Satellite provider in provisions of delivering Spanish and Portuguese Content Broadcast, Data communications towards 1250 Televisions and radio channels..  Within the SSL 1300 Satellite platform is with its multiple mission platform equipment onboard, it’s powered with its retractable Solar Arrays 10.5KW with its equipment carrying various 40 Ku Transponders, six Ka Band Beams, and Ten C band Transponders…

The broadcasting range of the HISPASAT30W-6 connects in between the Mediterranean, and the Americas in providing Latin based high end definition Digital media content, also the provisionments of connectivity of mobile, Broadband environments towards the European and Northwest Africa  towards Governments, Corporations, Telecommunications operators in regions of America, Europe and North Africa..

In during this mission is the first stage Falcon Nine reusable core is brand new with a newly paint, in which there was no need to recover the first staging even though it has the landing assets to land onto the off shore drone ship “I Still Love You” is Stationary due to the weather didn’t make the landing recovering launch Criteria in which the weather for recovery was still persistently unfavorable due to the storm weather in the Atlantic therefore it was stationary berth for the remaining for the launch process…  as new Falcon Nine Reusable launched with its powerful nine Merlin Engines..  Then detaching from it secondary stage with its modified payload flaring separated, in the secondary stage powered by a single Merlin Vacuum Engine putting in to the payload into coast orbit towards western Africa into a Geo Stationary Orbit located in 30 degrees west into GTO- Geo Stationary  Orbit….

#SPACEX | #Inmarsat5-F4- launching from that Iconic NASA Launch Complex 39A- highlights…..

Yesterday on 16th April 2017, Tuesday 1920 hours Eastern Date Time………, from that Iconic NASA- Kennedy Space Center– Launch Complex 39A at Cape Canaveral that historically launched the powerful Apollo mission – Saturn five Rockets, also the Space Shuttle-STS- Space Transportation Systems Missions.. In which that Launch Complex 39A is undergoing major modifications currently….. On a clear sunset eastern day it’s it is the Launch of the Space X Falcon nine. In which this launch is untraditional from the traditional SpaceX reusable landings due to the nature of the payload, in which due to the heavy payload in which all reserve fuel for a landing is required to get the payload into orbit.……..

The payload itself is a commercial communications satellite- Inmarsat- Five in which was place in GTO-Geo-Stationary orbit- in which provides the provisions of mobile satellite communications in which it’s the fourth in its series among with its sisters, in providing high velocity mobile  broadband services..  The communications operate out from using a ta KA-Band Network on a GX platform.. in providing critical security integrity in land, aviation, marine communications, also provides a redundancies for just in case situations..

#SPACEX #NROL76 | #FalconNine launch from that iconic NASA KSC launch complex 39A once again-part two of its highlights..

On the following Day of 30th April 2017, From the Iconic Launch Complex 39A is the launch of…..  From there the historical pad Launch Complex 39A has been undergoing many changes toward commercialization… in which leased to Space X, in which is standing by in least than half a day to launch from that iconic pad is the NROL-79 Satellite- in which the NROL is a designation of National Reconnaissance Office.. In which the first window of the launch in which was in 30th has been delayed due to the upper sensor failure… In which during the second window launch of the before the launch the sensor in question was replaced.. Due the nature of the launch the landing was only seen but not the faring of the secondary stage with the payload…

The launch from the Launch complex 39A of the of the Falcon nine reusable is an two hour window in which opens on a Florida Sunday 30th April 2017, on a following  morning launch 0700 EDT or 1100 Hours UTC, in with an backup launch window on the following day.. In which it follows the on the same timing as its initial launch window timing…

This launch is an traditional launch as the Falcon nine booster in question is a reusable, in which it’ll land Space X’s landing zone one –LZ-01 at Cape Canaveral Air force Station as it starts to land after launch into eight minutes and forty six seconds on Landing complex..


#ULA – UNITED LANUCH ALLIANCE #ATLASV | #OA7 an Orbital- ATK #Cygnus – Resupplying for NASA’s international space Station – mission profile flight for a launch 360 degrees viewing ..

“….. Go Atlas V… Go Centaur….. Go Cygnus-OA7…..”

On 18th March 2017, “ULA- Untied Launch Alliance” is bound to launch the next resupplying mission to the “NASA- International Space Station”. The upcoming launch, is launching an resupply Spacecraft… it’s is the seventh Cygnus to resupply, in which previous resupplies were commission in between primary the STS-Space Transportation Systems- Space Shuttle.. Then onwards, the Soyuz-progress, with the new tendership such as SpaceX- Dragon cargo reusable….

The Launch is set to be launch on the east coast, from SLC – Space Launch Complex 41 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.. Current the time specifically for the timing for the launch only is set for a thirty minute window in which that launch window is begin at 1000 Hours EDT Morning time it’s date the live stream broadcast will begin for the very first time a 360 degree viewing platform to give the view more immersive in viewing in which that broadcast will start streaming at 1101 Hours EDT Morning time..

Currently it’s the Carrier Rocket is ULA- United Launch Alliance Atlas V 401 configuration rocket, primary with the Atlas V first stage, with a centaur secondary stage in which prior issues of to launch was repaired to the a hydraulic item in relating to the ground support installation…..

The Payload itself, Cygnus OA-7, carries within, is also a part of program. Within the payload is a 3.3 tonnes of supplies also various sorts of research equipment’s, also piggy backing this launch is a the 83 Kilograms of secondary payload in which is CubeSats- a mini version U-Class Spacecraft Satellite in which its construction is based on commercial of the shelf components in which they will be deployed from its mini launcher…..  Part of the Orbital-ATK payload module it also carries the Sapphire three combustion experiment to study flame dynamics in space, also re-entry dynamics studied from the various CubeSats onboard as they are Launched out..

#SPACEX #SES10 | #FALCONNINE – reusing a tradition after launching communications satellite –landing on a drone ship that always “Of Course I Still Love You”

On 30th March 2017, Space X just recently launched a Communications Satellite SES-10, an Airbus Defense and Space built on the design framework of the Eurostar 3000…. As it was launching on that New York time evening of 1827 EDT From that Iconic NASA-Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A that launch the Lunar Mission to the Moon, the Saturn V Rocket also modified into the STS- Space Transportation Systems- The Space Shuttle in which now it’s being tailored for a different dress style cut, that Dress Style cut is to Launch the SpaceX Falcon heavies, ultra Heavy, to the Interplanetary Transport System that will lead onwardly to the Planet Mars..

As part of the Design process, of reusability of various key booster rocket carrier launcher, in which SpaceX, Amazon-Blue Origin have successfully cat walked with wearing stilettos on landing a reusable carrier rocket booster on either on a static or dynamic landing platform, this case it’s a Dynamic Drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You” in which two minutes and forty one seconds after the seconds into the flight the first stage and secondary stages separates then one major momenta events of two is landing on an off shore Atlantic drone ship landing from six minutes and twenty seconds for an re-entry burn then landing of the Falcon Nine reusable at its final timing at eight minutes and thirty two seconds.. in which it’ll be received by retrieval team to collect, reprocess to be used for other launches, in which this one is reprocess transported back  for to be displayed as a museum artifact in Florida SpaceX branch…