#SPACEX | #Inmarsat5-F4- launching from that Iconic NASA Launch Complex 39A- highlights…..

Yesterday on 16th April 2017, Tuesday 1920 hours Eastern Date Time………, from that Iconic NASA- Kennedy Space Center– Launch Complex 39A at Cape Canaveral that historically launched the powerful Apollo mission – Saturn five Rockets, also the Space Shuttle-STS- Space Transportation Systems Missions.. In which that Launch Complex 39A is undergoing major modifications currently….. On a clear sunset eastern day it’s it is the Launch of the Space X Falcon nine. In which this launch is untraditional from the traditional SpaceX reusable landings due to the nature of the payload, in which due to the heavy payload in which all reserve fuel for a landing is required to get the payload into orbit.……..

The payload itself is a commercial communications satellite- Inmarsat- Five in which was place in GTO-Geo-Stationary orbit- in which provides the provisions of mobile satellite communications in which it’s the fourth in its series among with its sisters, in providing high velocity mobile  broadband services..  The communications operate out from using a ta KA-Band Network on a GX platform.. in providing critical security integrity in land, aviation, marine communications, also provides a redundancies for just in case situations..

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