#LEGO #LEGOHongKong #樂高 #樂高香港 #香港 | #Apollo11 #LunarLander Eagle- created by #LegoDesigner #LegoCreator veteran architect #LarsJoe …. Celebrating the Anniversary of that day 20th July 1969….


On 20th July 1969 it was the most anticipated landing watched that set the cold war in between the CCCP- USSR –Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – with the United States… In which back then it was a different NASA but original…. unlike today’s NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration which is run by a disruptive administration …..  On that day on twentieth of July in which two American Astronauts set foot on the moon that representing humanity for the first time, not representing America, but representing as scientific ambassadors representatives of planet Earth……. In which Astronaut the late Neil Armstrong set that first footing as he and Buzz Aldrin the second to set foot on the almost made it landing after exhausting all lunar lander module Eagle’s landing fuel..  Force drifting landing on the sea of Tranquillity… in which is in between the ears of the Jade Rabbit in which they landing on the Jade Rabbit’s head…    as overhead their fellow Astronaut witness from above orbiting around the moon awaiting for their return on Apollo Command Module- Columbia Astronaut Michael Collins ….

In leading up towards that Anniversary Lego has recreated a newer larger version for that 50th year anniversary in which it was built from the ground up…. As Lego Designer also veteran architect Lars Joe, in which he’s been working on the Lego lunar lander  in which is designed in three pieces in which comes in three parts the lunar Command module, the Lunar lander in which the lander has four legs, with movable parts to simulate a landing in progress.. With gold foil bricks in which are housing to protect sensitive delicate instruments from the extreme harsh environments of space, also the lunar surface… among the surroundings of the lander it has movable hatches in which retracted outwardly for instruments…..

One of the third parts is the lunar surface which has foot prints, when designing the Lunar Module lander; it’s built with the original look, with in collaboration with NASA in providing the necessary details in building the lunar set… to make the display extremely detail… in which a previous model was the revised Saturn V rocket..  In which makes great companion towards an Apollo Collection…

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#SPACEX |#FalconNineReusable #CarrierRocket Launching the #EsHail2 Communications Satellite from that iconic launch complex #LC39A saying back with #OfCourseIStillLoveYou ……!

On 15 November 2018, on a clear mid-afternoon Florida day , is the launching of the SpaceX true and tried reliable next generation block five Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket from NASA KSC LC39A…

On 15 November 2018, on a clear mid-afternoon Florida day , is the launching of the SpaceX true and tried reliable next generation block five Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket.. in which during that launch its launched from a twenty year leased from NASA-National Aeronautics Space Administration’s Kennedy Space Center LC39A that’s launched the mightily Saturn five carrying the Lunar missions of Apollo.. Also the STS-Space Transportation Systems, the Iconic Space Shuttle..

Among that mid-afternoon launch, that went with any arising issues, launching at window 1546 hours Eastern Standard Time… in which commentary of the Es’ Hail two Satellite launch for today is Brian Mahlstedt – Space X’s Automation Software Engineer.. In which his Co-Host is Siva Bharadvaj- SpaceX’s Integration and Test Engineer explaining the staging components of the Falcon Nine reusable of the two staging’s that’s delivering the Telecommunications Satellite..   in which landing on an off shore Drone Ship” Of Course I Still love You “ off the Coast of Kennedy Space Center eight minutes and sixteen seconds after lift-off …

Delivering the payload is with ten powerful Merlin engines, is the Es’ Hail two Telecommunication Satellite, In which is place in GEO – Geo Stationary Orbit in which is place thirty two minutes after lift-off… in which the satellite is manufactured of a proven satellite chassis, Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO) DS 2000 satellite bus, in which it provides a High Power capacity flexibility for various applications and roles, featuring Ku-Band multi-transponder Ka-band capacity…..

landing on a drone ship In which landing on an off shore Drone Ship” Of Course I Still love You “ off the Coast of Kennedy Space Center eight minutes and sixteen seconds after lift-off …

In which its designate roles is the provisionment of Data broadcasting Telecommunications for Television  for content distribution, enterprise communications also Governmental services towards the Middle East, North African region with dedication for communications growth for that region in mind..

#SpaceX # FalconHeavy | That Iconic #NASAKSC Launch Complex 39A those twenty seven Merlin Engines will fire up on a date..


As on 6th February 2018, it’s the initial maiden launch of the SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy  in which is currently undergoing systems checking to see if any modifications that need to be address towards the launch from the twenty year lease of the NASA-KSC’s iconic  Launch Complex 39A that launched the mighty Saturn Fives Rockets towards the lunar mission to the Moon Luna, also it launched the STS –Space Transportation System- The Space Shuttle Program in which provide a Work Truck for NASA’s space operations..  As the SpaceX Launch of the Falcon Heavy  is underway also the massive modifications to Launch Complex 39A as it transitions from the STS program towards Falcon Heavy also the BFR-interplanetary –Space-Airliner  Rocket that in due to replace the Falcon Heavy.. in which provides a template for the Space-Airliner Rocket..

As the preparations for the Launch of the Falcon Heavy, the launch format is Retro, as In Retro going back to the launch format of the STS-Space Shuttle era… As the same design configuration is based off the Space Shuttle as it duplicates the same. With two Falcon nine reusable on either side, one supporting core Falcon nine reusable together with a combine of twenty seven Merlin Engines, with a secondary rocket that deploys the payload to its destination target…….

#SpaceX | @SpaceX – Northrop Grumman- #Zuma spacecraft from #NASAKSC iconic launch complex -39A……


On 16th November 2017- Thursday east coast time, SpaceX is set to launch a nonspecific payload, that Payload is the Northrop Grumman’s Zuma spacecraft for the United States of American government… in which that launch has a launch two hour window… Launching from the NASA-KSC iconic Launch complex LC-39A that launched the iconic Saturn V rockets also the STS- Space Transportation Systems –Space Shuttle Programme…. in that SpaceX has a two decade leasing on the launch complex till it retendering, in which on cloudy Thursday  launching from LC39A, 0800 Hours Eastern time.. from there launching from that time it’ll be a traditional SpaceX launch and landing for the Falcon nine Reusable carrier rocket in which land within eight minutes after launch, landing at LZ-1- Landing Zone one at Cape Canaveral Air force Station, Florida.. In which is not far from the launch complex 39A…

#SpaceX #CRS10 | #EchoStar105 #SES11 #OfCourseIStillLoveYou – from #NASA KSC iconic launch complex 39A with that morning sunrise- Highlights


From NASA’s KSC iconic Launch Complex 39A- LC 39A, that launched the Iconic Saturn five rockets to the moon then translated into launching STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle the work truck of NASA…. SpaceX CRS10 Launching from on a two hour window  on a very brilliant sunrise Florida  morning 11th October 2017, launching from a time  from 0653 Eastern Date Time Morning..  This morning launch is the traditional in which the Falcon nine is reused for this morning launch, in which is designated to resupply the ISS International Space Station on previous mission on its tenth flight..  In which as to say this is a traditional launch in which will be landing in a Drone Ship off shore in the Atlantic Ocean “Of Course I Still Love You?”

The two payloads deployed thirty six minutes into from lift off..  in question that are in piggy backing from one carrier launch rocket is from the Falcon nine reusable. In which the first is the EchoStar 105 is design wise to communications coverage of the United States of America, Gulf of Mexico, also the Caribbean…. With that range is provisionment in providing communications of sorts on communications enterprises, media, broadcasters, also provision towards on a governmental level..  its communications platform is hybrid in which it operates in between Ku and C Band….

SES-11 is also a communications satellite in which it communication provisionment is to provide video also HD- high definition also its UHD- Ultra High communication Channels, broadcasting coverage towards the America, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean