#SpaceX #F9Reusable | Spaceflight #SSOA: #SmallSatExpress- landing traditionally reading “ #JustReadTheInstructions ” in delivering ride share of sixty four CubeSats in one launch from that Californian Vandenberg Coast…..


SpaceX F9 Reusable Carrier Rocket | Spaceflight SSO-A SmallSat Express- landing traditionally reading “Just Read The Instructions in delivering ride share of sixty four CubeSats in one launch from that Californian Vandenberg Coast…..

On 3rd December 2018 California west Cost , launching from the west coast California, from Vandenberg Air Force Base is the next launch of Space X’s block five next generation Falcon Nine Reusable, in which launching from SLC4E- Space Launch Complex 4E in which this launch is a traditional launch for SpaceX in which landing back on a Drone ship off the Californian pacific coast line least seven minutes and forty five seconds after the launch, launch window of on a 1032 PST Los Angeles time in which that launch window is only critically small of least half hour duration….

The SpaceX Falcon Nine Reusable that’s deploying sixty four Spaceflight SSO-A Small Sat Express mission has been reused on a previously twice supported the Bangabandhu Satellite-1 mission in May 2018 and the Merah Putih mission in August 2018……  Deploying the sixty four satellites into SSO –sun synchronous low Earth orbit in two deployment sequences, in which it is to date the largest ride sharing deployment one carrier rocket from a United Sates Private space Company..

Deploying the sixty four Small Satellites-Cube Sats are from various thirty four organisations as part of the Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express mission from seventeen countries U.S., Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., Germany, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Poland, Canada, Brazil, and India…. The Payload which it varies from Domestic, International, Governmentally, Commercials, Educational research… that represented in payload manifest of fifteen Micro Sats, forty nine CubeSats …. Within the Payload skirt flaring is uniquely designed payload stacking arrangement.. It’s the most complex deployment system yet to date..

#SpaceX #NASA | #TESS joyed excitingly as the #FalconNine says “Of Course I still love you” …………..

On a Spring Florida Wednesday 18th April 2018, SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40 launching of Space X Falcon Nine Reusable, with those nine mightily Merlin Engines from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in which is about least than fifteen Kilometers away from that NASA-KSC’s Iconic Launch Complex 39A that launched the Mighty Saturn five rockets also the STS-Space Transportation Systems – The Space Shuttle..

#SpaceX #NASA | #TESS joyed excitingly as the #FalconNine says “Of Course I still love you” ……………. into eight minutes and twenty seconds.. landed..

On that Wednesday, it launch the Daughter of Kepler TESS- Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite in which its parent was design as the Exoplanetary hunting telescope that scanned the universe in the Milky way Galaxy for Exoplanetary systems.. with new systems onboard it’s expected to find scan utilizing the transiting dipping diming method of finding Exo-Planets in outside Exo- system  orbiting around the its parent star.. In which with higher greater degree of magnification of finding smaller rocky Exo-planets than of the Sol-System of Earth or smaller.. Than Kepler did…

As Falcon nine launched towards MECO- Main Entry Cut Off… Towards separations between first stage and the second in which two minutes and thirty two seconds…. Then six minutes and twenty nine seconds into the launch the falcon nine reusable stage one begins is re-entry burn then carefully automated guided towards the Atlantic Ocean Drone Ship “Of Course I still love you”.. in which with the live footage shows two streams from the Falcon Nine as it carefully lands relearning those steps also the awaiting for where landing on the SpaceX livery marks the spot..into eight minutes and twenty seconds.. landed..

#SpaceX |SpaceX‘s Rocket Development testing facility in McGregor –Texas – “they test rockets here too.. ?“


One of many facilities of SpaceX is it’s testing facilities one of two, one is located in McGregor Texas in which is currently used for its multitude various iconic new engines, research, also development before its roll out onto to actual practical launch pad for commercial use..  in which this one is also responsible of testing out reusable testing launching systems that which made SpaceX iconic with its Falcon nine reusable systems in an accelerated rapid turnaround..

The McGregor Texas Facilities, is designed to primarily at first to test out the grasshopper system in which makes the Falcon nine also its next generation of SpaceX rocket reusable in which of it’s High altitude and velocity systems..  Also it’s where the Dragon reusable manned and Unmanned is tested out also..  Within the Facilities it’s a certification processing department for the merlin engines that orthough it manufactured in company’s California’s Hawthorne Headquarters, most of the systems get certified before it rolls onto the East Coast launch pad at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center iconic Launch Complex 39A, nearby on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on its currently under repairs launch complexes.  Apart from the East Coast it also has a West Coast launch complex at Vandenberg Air force Base, in where it also has a Space Shuttle Vertical Assembly Building with a ready to launch pad nearby..

The McGregor Facility makes sense in which it’s basically rural farm land it accommodate safety to the public besides the resident cattle nearby…..Also it makes testing new and current equipment with its three test stands that’s dedicated to the Falcon nine reusable..  Also engine testing.. With its current testing to date over four thousand Merlin Engines with fifty more clustered Merlin engine testing….  In which is presumably the McGregor facilities is going to get more development as the BFR-interplanetary Rocket takes shape as a interplanetary also a Space-Airliner systems aswell.. From a Quiet farmland that rustle tamely cattle in the area with a abandon world war two Mutations factory transforming into an industry that became from the late 20th century…..

#SPACEX – #Falcon9reusable| #Koreasat5A also “Of Course I Still Love You” – highlights


On the eve of Halloween it’s the Launch of the KoreaSat5A Satellite in which is launched from the Iconic NASA-KSC’s Launch complex 39A –LC39A, in which the carrier rocket is the SpaceX –Falcon nine reusable in which it was launched on 30th October 2017 Monday on an Afternoon 1534 Eastern Date Time Florida.. in which that East Coast Florida clear afternoon was brilliantly clear for launch… in which that SpaceX was more concern of the off shore landing drone ship “the “Of Course I Still Love You” in which is situated in the Atlantic Ocean in which weather wise Prior towards the launch wasn’t that favourable to the launch criteria… until the weather conditions up towards the launch met the Criteria..

The Launch of the SpaceX-KoreaSat5A launched without any issues, in which KoreaSat5A was deployed thirty six minutes from launched from those powerful nine Merlin Soyuz like cluster engines in which the first stage separation traditionally separated ten minutes after launched began its landing procedure in landing on the landing drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You” ….

The Korean Satellite –KoreaSat5A- is a telecommunications satellite operated by Korean- South Korean Satellite provider KT SAT… The contractor for the KoreaSat5A is Thales Alenia Space… Thirty six minutes into the launch is the satellite is position located in 113 degrees East… in which the Telecommunications Satellite communications provisionments is to provide an extremely high degree DTH-Direct To Home broadcast , broadband, also a backup of various servicements .. Placing in the location of 113 degrees East will gives the communication range of providing towards Marine time coverage of the South and East China Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean…  One unique feature of many is the steerable four Ku-band [54 MHZ] transponders in providing maximum DTH communications coverage…

#SpaceX #CRS10 | #EchoStar105 #SES11 #OfCourseIStillLoveYou – from #NASA KSC iconic launch complex 39A with that morning sunrise- Highlights


From NASA’s KSC iconic Launch Complex 39A- LC 39A, that launched the Iconic Saturn five rockets to the moon then translated into launching STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle the work truck of NASA…. SpaceX CRS10 Launching from on a two hour window  on a very brilliant sunrise Florida  morning 11th October 2017, launching from a time  from 0653 Eastern Date Time Morning..  This morning launch is the traditional in which the Falcon nine is reused for this morning launch, in which is designated to resupply the ISS International Space Station on previous mission on its tenth flight..  In which as to say this is a traditional launch in which will be landing in a Drone Ship off shore in the Atlantic Ocean “Of Course I Still Love You?”

The two payloads deployed thirty six minutes into from lift off..  in question that are in piggy backing from one carrier launch rocket is from the Falcon nine reusable. In which the first is the EchoStar 105 is design wise to communications coverage of the United States of America, Gulf of Mexico, also the Caribbean…. With that range is provisionment in providing communications of sorts on communications enterprises, media, broadcasters, also provision towards on a governmental level..  its communications platform is hybrid in which it operates in between Ku and C Band….

SES-11 is also a communications satellite in which it communication provisionment is to provide video also HD- high definition also its UHD- Ultra High communication Channels, broadcasting coverage towards the America, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean